Friday, October 2, 2009

Just A Minute, I'm Eating

A few weeks have passed and Makenna has grown more verbally and definitely has more of an opinion on things - whether we like it or not.

Tonight during family dinner (I mention family dinner as it seems so rare that the three of us get to actually sit down together to eat,) we were telling Makenna about how Daddy and Mommy are going on a trip and that she will be staying with Grandma & Grandpa Jones. We were telling her that she has to be good and listen to them as she will be with them, overnight, for seven nights. Her reply, "why?" Not why does she have to be with them, but why does she have to be good. Chris told her that he was asking her to be good and would like for her to listen to what they ask. Her reply? "Just a minute, I'm eating dinner."

As I was having a good laugh he said to her, "I'm sorry, I just thought it was a good time to let you know since we're all together." I again laughed as he was trying to calmly explain to her why he was so rudely interrupting her meal. This just goes to show you, that family meals together can be entertaining and should be done. When she's actually the age of a teenager instead of just acting/replying like one, I'll have to bring this blog back out and read it to her to stress the importance of eating together as a family.

Hopefully by then, I'll also be able to not hide her vegetables in the food she eats. I actually went out and bought squash (frozen kind,) and made it to go along with our dinner last night. Chris was ecstatic as he loves squash. We thought we'd try it on Makenna again as she used to love it as a baby. So much so that she actually had a yellowish/orangish tint to her - no kidding! The doctor said it was from the squash and sweet potato baby food.

After much coaxing, she ate it and liked it. We had leftovers and I brought it out again for tonight's dinner. She was hesitant about eating it again, but agreed once I said I'd put A1 sauce on it. Then I started to put her chuck roast meat on top of a spoonful of squash and that went down real well and she was much more agreeable to eat it again. I also had her eat some cooked carrots (again with a bit of A1 sauce,) and even snuck in a bit of potato and celery. She did notice one bit of celery once though and pointed and grunted. I quickly took it off and then re-hid it under some squash.

Success!~ (for now).