Sunday, September 30, 2012

South Carolina Aquarium

We decided to enjoy time in South Carolina and on June 24th went to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston...and can I say...I'm loving my new camera!  You can see why (Be sure to click on an actual picture to see a better view of it!)

 This was pretty cool as she could climb into the Lemur enclosure and see them pretty close up
 Tomato Frog
 Day Gecko

 "Short Big-Eye"


 I swear I thought this was just a display and not real - it didn't even move at all - but one of the workers told me that it was very real - an albino crocodile

The new camera can even do a panorama view!
Then we went to a 3-D "interactive" movie where it blew mists of water and air on you
 We thought it would be fun to cool off in the fountain...until we found a sign saying "no going barefoot in the fountain"...Oops!
 We found a park near the bridge that takes you into Charleston and we walked around there for a bit

 Along the pier, they had these hanging swings which were pretty nice
 Another Panorama of a decomissioned ship - don't remember which one
 Then we went for a stroll in the ocean in the evening


Aunt Laura's Reception

My Aunt Laura had gotten married back in March of 2012 but she waited to have the reception until the end of June so that a majority of the family could come celebrate with her.  It was a great reason for a vacation and we enjoyed seeing family we haven't seen in a VERY long time!

Pretty Cool Cake that someone made for them
 Even though we live in the same town - we don't see grandpa often enough!
 Cousins that I have not seen in WAY to long and one's that Makenna never met
Avery, Hannah, Daniel, Rory
 Four out of the six siblings - (Phyllis, Michael, Laura, Lin)

 I think the last time I saw these kids it was at least 10 years ago
 The Awesome couple!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


We headed down to the Carolina's (6/22/12) - and our first stop was in North Carolina and we visited with the B. Avery's - and enjoyed the pool!

Then we moved on down to South Carolina

 Playing catch with cousin Michael

Last Day of School

Well, - her last day of school for the year.  The school year ended with three half-days (which in my opinion was ridiculous,) and we needed to leave to go on vacation so her last day was on June 20th and started with a pancake breakfast.

 Someone is happy~!
 I can't believe how big she looks in this picture~
Congratulations on making it through a year - your first year - Kindergarten!  So proud of how much you learned, how you've grown and all that I learned about how much things have changed from when I went to school!


Memorial Day Weekend

I wish I could say I took these because I think they look pretty neat - but Chris - at this point - is a better photographer and he took these.

 My Nephew Eli

This was Memorial Day and this year we went to Cole Park (as the cottage was having some work done on it)
 Rich with Eli & Abbie
 Hannah with Autumn
 Makenna with cousin Natalie (I think I took this one)
 Abbie - I think I took this one too
 One tired child - too much partying and too much swimming