Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Since the floods happened not too long ago (back in early September,) a lot of places that we would've taken the kids to in order to trick-or-treat in Conklin had been flooded.  So we decided to go around Chris's parents neighborhood and invited some of our cousins (Katie, Natalie, and Hannah)

Unfortunately, some of the houses had some scary decorations that moved and made noises.  That didn't go over too well with the kids
Picture of Hannah with Uncle Chris
After this neighborhood, we stopped at Chris's church for a Trunk-or-Treat but it was pretty much exhausted in way of candy and treats so then we did go out to Conklin and hit a few houses of those that were around.  Nothing like we did a couple of years ago but all together, there was enough candy to go around

Party Number 3 - Jumping Jungle

On Saturday, October 28th, we had the third and final party for Makenna's birthday at Jumping Jungle in Vestal.  It was mostly for little kids and that's why we had the "adult family party" the night before.

This was the best birthday idea I had and Makenna loved it.  Take out the "look for others in the dark" part (even though they were wearing glow-stick bracelets,) and it was a hit.

We ended up having two cakes as my Sister-in-law Autumn was afraid her cake didn't turn out so Chris and I scrambled and picked up a cake and he decorated it with the Hello Kitty picture (pretty good for free hand I thought!)

But my Sister-In-Law's cake was fine and looked great!  (it just didn't turn out how she had envisioned)

We got to the place early to set up and Makenna took advantage of the various inflated bounce houses:

Cousin Abbie really enjoyed the slide
Aunt Autumn enjoyed the massage chair a little too much!
Thanks to all that came and helped Makenna enjoy her birthday party!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Party Number Two

On October 28th, we had the second party for Makenna's fifth birthday.  Granted the first one, on her actual birthday was not "grand"  by any means but she still received gifts, and now here was her second round of gifts.  This time with grandparents and with an aunt, and uncle, and a cousin.

Hello Kitty Pajama's:
 Ice Cream Cake (with cousin Stephanie):
 Playing catch with Aunt Jennifer (mind you, the balls were NOT one of her gifts) - figures!
 I wish I had taken more pictures of other family that were there, but I guess I didn't.  She enjoyed her gifts and those that were able to come over.  On to party Number 3 tomorrow!


My little girl, has turned five!  I can hardly believe it.  It truly does fly by and I can't believe I'm writing this (even though it's three months after the fact).  She has grown in so many ways.  Just the other day I was looking at a picture that was taken shortly after she had turned four and I can't believe how much more mature she looks in one year!

We out did ourselves in the way of celebrating.  Considering her birthday was on a Thursday and she still had school the next day, we didn't have the parties (yes parties,) until Friday and Saturday.  But we did let her open some of her gifts on her actual birthday and had a celebratory cupcake.  It was the same cupcakes I took to her class for her birthday earlier in the day.

A bit frightened by Dad lighting the candles on her cupcake

Dora Ballerina Movie (Makenna is still wearing her dance outfit from class earlier that night)

Hello Kitty hat for winter:

Just in time as it decided to snow that night!

In looking back over the 5 short years you've been on this planet, I can't believe how much you've grown in height, looks, and personality.  I thank God every night for sending such a sweet spirit to me.  To show me face to face all my quirks and flaws as you reflect to me what I show to you.  This has only made me try and be a better person so that you will then reflect to other's what a great girl you are.

I so look forward to many more years of watching you grow, learn, and love.  You make me laugh with all your "butt-shaking" and you amaze me with the things you come up with, your amazing memory, and how you understand and grasp things so quickly. 

Even though I get impatient with all your questions sometimes, I love that you're trying to learn and understand everything around you.  I love Sundays most of all with you as you cuddle up on my lap during church and I'm trying to hold on and remember your embrace.  I know as you grow older those tender moments will be less and less as you grow and become more independent.  I hope you always know, that you can run back into my arms for any reason and I'll always have two arms open to hold you.

Happy Birthday my little one!

Precurser to Halloween

We did the annual Trunk-Or-Treat at our Church on Saturday the 22nd and this year, Makenna was more into it.  Although she still wouldn't do the cake walk!  Dang her...doesn't she know that it's not about her!  It's about me getting some yummy cake.  Hopefully next year she'll come to understand this and be a willing participant to indulge her mommy's need for sweets in the form of cake that someone else made (or bought).

Again, sticking with the Hello Kitty theme (her idea) here she is:

I can somewhat say this is my first "home-made" Halloween costume.  Pretty lame I know, but hey, I'm not a seamstress by any means.  I'm a shopper and google-idea browser.  I found the headband at Hot Topics on-line and decided to try our local Hot Topics store and by sheer luck (and that there seems to be a massive Hello Kitty craze as of late,) I was able to get it.  The T-shirt, purse, and stuffed animal she had already, along with the red pants.  Bought the pink tutu for dance so just Incorporated it with the outfit and borrowed the pink shoes from cousin Katie, who although younger, has about the same size feet. 

Then I went out and bought face-paint, which we now have an over-abundance of.  I had initially thought to paint her face white but then thought better of it and just used the yellow and black face paint.  I'm pretty certain I saved myself and her much aggravation by not painting her whole face. 

I only hope next year's outfit is as easy...maybe even the same one?!

The Long Awaited Return

Well obviously one of my New Year's Resolutions was NOT to be timely on the blog - so I guess you could say that I'm keeping up with that resolution - yeah for me!  Need to put a positive spin on why I'm so far behind besides general laziness.

So for a quick return - here are a few pictures that I mentioned in the last post (which seems like eons ago):

Bowling - only picture I got as Autumn's camera was on it's last bit of battery life, and if you recall, I had totally forgotten mine.

Pumpkin Farm (back from Oct. 2011):
 I like this one of them from behind.  It shows a sense of peace and love before the dreaded who pushes the pumpkin cart fight ensued along with tears and unhappy children.  Well, really only one child...mine.