Thursday, April 29, 2010

Literacy Day

Today at the ECC (Early Childhood Center) where Makenna goes for school, they had literacy day. It was based on Curious George and they even had someone dressed up as Curious George and another staff member dressed as the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Makenna really enjoyed seeing Curious George and kept saying, "Hi Curious George" and she also got a chance to high-five and hug him. Then she said I had to do that too, so I did. What was coincidental was that all this week, Makenna wanted to watch Curious George movie (over and over).

The bad news was that at some point her happiness switched to misery. I had taken off work today so I could enjoy this day with her, and at some point it was as if she knew it was getting close to the time for me to go. She just sprawled out on the floor screaming while I was trying to get her to join in the singing and dancing portion. So I took her out for a time out and to calm her down.

That's when the whole, "I don't feel well" started. It drives me crazy that she tries to use this excuse to get out of things. I just see a long road ahead paved with this excuse. I tried to explain to her that she was "fibbing/lying" and that if she didn't want to do something, she had to say that, and not tell me she wasn't feeling well. That didn't work...I have to remember she's three and a half, not ten. Again, how do you explain lying to a child of her age?

I, as usual, told her that if she didn't feel well, that she wasn't going to have her movies, TV or go outside. She said she just wanted to go to bed. I guess my bargaining chip is waning and I'll have to come up with something new.

I did eventually leave and they told me later that she was okay shortly after. I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera....rats!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My little fibber

A week ago Sunday (4/18) we had a potluck after church. That's not the interesting part (obviously). While I was standing in a long line waiting to get food, Makenna decided she had to go potty. I told her to do it on her own. This is nothing too new as I usually have her do it at home and I come in for the clean up process.

Once I got my food, I went looking for her in the myriad of bathrooms and other rooms that she could be in. I finally found her in a room with a piano. She was sitting on the piano bench, playing the keys (not banging them, but playing,) and singing, and turning the pages in a song book. I was smiling and so wishing I had a video camera with me. It's moments like those that make you melt.

Cut to today...she told her first fib. She wanted to watch a Curious George movie and I told her, "No, we don't watch movies before pre-school." We allow her to watch something semi-educational on the Disney channel. It's usually Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Special Agent Oso. After I said no, she immediately turns to Chris and asks him if she can watch Curious George. He tells her the same thing I did.

A bit later, she comes up to me again while Chris is getting ready for work and asks again. I again told her no. She then says to me, "Daddy said I could." I about dropped to the floor. I looked at her and said, "No he did not!" I tried to explain to her that we don't do fibbing. How do you explain lying to a toddler?

We tried covering it when she would tell me she had to go potty when she really didn't. I just don't know how to go about explaining the concept. Anyone willing to help give me pointers?

She has now also picked up saying please repeatedly. She'll ask for something and then if I'm hesitant, or say no, then she'll say, "oh please, please please!" Each please getting more desperate then the previous.

Her "talking-back" has also increased. I think we just have to be really consistent in nipping that in the bud. I'll say, "Makenna, I told you not to do that." She'll say, "Well, Teri, I told you ......" and she'll fill it in with whatever. It's hard not to laugh but when she repeatedly talks back it does get frustrating.

Or as Makenna will now say it, "frust-er-ating." "Teri, you're frust-er-ating me." Even her teacher at pre-school told me that she said it last week about a book that she was reading. Her teacher found it amusing. Yes, yet again, another word she picked up from me.

It's funny, but sad all the words and inflections and tones (and even yelling at times,) that she has picked up - makes you really stop and think before you do or say something - or it should.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not quite-id-ly

Well, here I am again attempting to be more up-to-date on my blog. I of course didn't keep as good of track of the goings on of Makenna as I should've so I know I'm missing a few things that were said.

A new one this week though was not quite-id-ly (not quite - id -lee) -or something sounding like that. When Chris was asking her something, which I now forget, her response was "not quite-id-ly. She repeated this a few times as we found it amusing. We tried telling her it that wasn't "quite-id-ly" a word.

She also came out of the blue yesterday and asked, "mom, did they have Halloween back in your day?" I think she saw something Halloween-like around the house which prompted the question but I was quite amazed that such a question came out of her mouth and then a bit offended that the implication was that I'm as old as a dinosaur.

The big issue for the week was yesterday when she decided she "didn't feel well" and was flat out refusing to go to the ECC (Early Childhood Center) - her pre-school. I don't know if it was because she realized that Chris and I were going to be home all day or what exactly prompted it, but I know she was okay health wise. After Chris tried to reason/argue with her we gave in and the stipulation was that if she stayed home, she was now choosing to not watch any T.V. , no movies, and she was not allowed to go outside for the day. She agreed.

She actually did fairly well and kept herself entertained by playing with toys, coloring, playing with play-doh, and laying in bed for a bit. Friday is my get my house cleaning and lesson for church done day so I was a bit frustrated that she was going to be under my feet but she did fairly well. I had to tell her to stop asking me questions while I was trying to get my lesson done but we got through it. We only relented to letting her go outside, in the rain, while Chris was cooking dinner on the grill.

When she did ask about watching a movie ("please, please, please, please, please") my adult answer to her was "remember how you said you weren't feeling well and couldn't go to pre-school and we agreed that there would be no movie watching due to your choice?" Her answer, "I'm feeling better." My reply, "I'm glad you're feeling better, the answer is still no." Her reply, "please, please, etc."

That's the other thing she's picked up now (and I think it was from a movie). She figures if one please gets her something, many will most definitely get her what she wants. I always tell her I appreciate her saying please, but that it doesn't change my answer. Unless I wimp out - which I occasionally do - but not often.

She also now shows me what she wants for dinner by opening up the freezer and bringing it to me. She will also say, "Here, let me show you." Her other new saying is "10 minutes." Everything is based on ten minutes. "I need to sleep for 10 minutes." "I need a drink for 10 minutes." "Mom, I'll show you for 10 minutes." Hmm, no idea where she got that from....not quite-id-ly.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shoe Fettish

I keep telling myself I'm going to get better about blogging, meaning, more regular posts that will hopefully be shorter instead of once a month, long-winded, catch-up sessions. So in that vein, here's a short update from today.

Shopping is not something I like to do with Makenna and today was no exception. Namely, clothes or shoe shopping. Shoe shopping with her is especially painful. I still needed to get her some "summer shoes" and decided to inflict pain upon myself and take her with me. The good news...we got shoes. The bad was a fight and she tried on way too many shoes that are 10 sizes, at least, to big for her. I don't even know where she picked up a couple of the shoes as she would just walk off as I was trying to find a sales associate to see if they had a certain shoe in her size. Then as I went to pay, she was off again and I literally had to search every isle to find her and I found her with women's high heel shoes from who knows where.

We left there and I wanted to get her a new sun hat. We then walked to the next store, "Old Navy." Another fight ensued. She would not stay with me and I as I was looking for a sun-hat, she was off looking at more shoes. I relented and did actually find her another pair of summer shoes under $7.00 so I agreed, as long as she agreed to try on a couple of hats and a light summer jacket. We got through it without killing each other...barely.

On the way home from shopping she fell asleep. I put her up to bed for a nap, or so I thought. Shortly after, she came out of her room, I told her go back and go back to sleep. She came out again showing me her arms covered in lotion. I assumed, at first, incorrectly I might add, that she had gotten into her baby lotion. I soon realized that I had left the 50 plus, waterproof, sun-block in her room and that was the lotion she was referring to. Joy!

I ran upstairs and found it also on her pants and looked in her room and found it on the carpet as well. Now, I've always I guess you could say "prided" myself on the fact that my child had not done one of those "America's Funniest Videos" where you see the child covered in something and even though you're a bit jealous that they have a chance to win a lot of money, you're also more glad that you don't have that mess to clean up. Well, now I had that mess and no chance of winning money.

I futilely was trying to wash the sun-screen off her arms, applying layers and layers of soap trying to scrub it off. Let me tell you, that waterproof stuff really works. Then it was on to the carpet. I immediately used dish-soap and cold water and scrubbed. Then I left it in frustration and gave up on her napping. I went back up later and scrubbed again and applied Resolve. I think it worked. It's got a bit of a different color on the rug but not too bad. Luckily it's an old carpet so it's not too big of a deal.

One last question to put out there to other do yo get your child to stop repeating themselves once you've acknowledged their comment/request/question? Makenna is constantly saying the same thing over and over (and I'll stop with the "over's" but you get the idea). I try saying to her, "what did I already say?" Other times it's more like, "Makenna, ask me again and the answer is going to be no." Or, "Makenna, you're driving me insane, stop asking!" I've also said to her, "Makenna, I know, I got it, I understand, you're asking for.....(insert whatever it is,) now please stop asking." I know she's only 3 but it's ridiculous how many times she'll ask even after I've given her an answer at least 10 of those times. Please tell me this doesn't get worse! I already know the shopping, especially for shoes, is not going to get better.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Picture Update

It's just easier to make a separate post with pictures and brief explanations attached so here you go:

This is a ways back - Christmas time - with the Jones' clan

This was Makenna wearing mommy's boots (taken 1/10/2010) - Too cute not to post

Makenna loves making cards and birthday hats - this was a birthday "king" hat for daddy for his birthday

Snow, snow, snow, and yes....more snow! (this was taken on 2/25/2010)

Makenna wanted to really blow bubbles, even in the cold snow...and surprisingly, it worked...somewhat.

This picture was Makenna in a "snow fort" that we built on the back porch from all the snow that we received from the day before and this day (2/26/2010)

4/3/2010 - Taughannock Falls, Ithaca with Uncle Josh and Cousin Katie

And Daddy

Enjoying playing in the cold water!

4/4/2010 - Easter Morning - my cuddly little bunny

Excited about finding Easter Eggs

Looking for Easter Eggs at Grandma & Grandpa Jones

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Musings of Makenna

More time has passed and I haven’t kept up with this as I should, but the comments and ‘play-back” of my voice coming out of her from still flows as read by the following:

March 8th – “Teri, Your phone is ringing”….yelled by her to let me know my cell phone was ringing. It’s funny but also a bit disconcerting as it comes out from what I envision to be a daughter and mom distanced by time and age, along with a sense of not getting along, in the future.

March 10th – “Hey….Why don’t you slow down…Your banging my cookies.” If I could only convey inflection on paper you would really get how funny this statement really was. She was eating a pack of 100 calorie cookies I had given her in the car as I was driving down to Zumba class. The road, from the winter weather, has become quite a mess and the result is jostling on the car and her cookies.

March 11th – “Well, we’ll just have to have a talk with daddy and if he doesn’t give us our CD’s back, then we’ll count to three and sit him on the step.” We had just switched cars from the four-wheel drive back to my mommy van. We had left some CD’s in the winter car but I was also unsure as to where the CD’s I had left in this car were and I said that we’d have to ask daddy. She really wanted to hear her music and since I couldn’t supply what she wanted, this was her comment to me about the situation.

March 19th – “What are we having for dinner?” (Me) – “chicken and biscuits” (M) – “No we’re not.” (Me) – “Oh? What are we having then?” (M) – “Hamburger with noodles, that’s what we’re having.” (Me) – “If you cook it.” (M) – “No, you’re going to cook it..Got it?!” Well, I guess she told me but I won out that night and cooked her request/demand the next night.

March 19th – (While at the park, she smelled someone barbecuing) – “I want that (pointing to the BBQ), (ME) – “So do I.” (M) – “No, I want that!” (Me) – “So do I but we don’t know them and we don’t go up to strangers and ask them for food.” This same conversation was repeated on March 21st when we were at the park again.

March 22nd – “I don’t feel well.” (Me) “What’s wrong?” (M) – “The stegosaurus in my back and in my tummy hurts.” Makenna is great at saying she doesn’t feel well at all times, especially when she doesn’t want to do something. It usually comes out more like, “I don’t want to feel well.” To which my reply is, “You better start wanting to feel well if you want…..(insert what ever she would like to be doing).” This day she threw me by adding the stegosaurus bit. It didn’t help that her daddy and I were definitely fighting some sort of bug and praying really hard that it didn’t hit her.

April 3rd – We, (Chris, Makenna, myself, my brother Josh, and his little girl Katie,) went up to Taughannock Falls in Ithaca. We thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather and took advantage of the low water to let the girls play in it. Because of bathroom issues (mainly Makenna stating she had to go, but couldn’t) Chris and her lagged behind while the rest of us forged ahead. We came back down to the base and let Katie & Makenna pick up rocks and throw them in the water. Along with sticks and whatever else suited their fancy. Katie got thoroughly wet while Makenna did fairly well and only got up to her knees wet. I had brought water shoes for them, and myself, but that didn’t stop us from slipping. After, we drove another half-hour to Ovid, NY where my friends opened up a pizza place a little over a year ago. We enjoyed catching up with them and our pizza.

April 4th – Easter Sunday. Sunday last year we were celebrating it in France at a Chateau and a Castle. This Easter Sunday, we were able to spend most of it at home as we had General Conference on TV. This gave us time to do an Easter Egg Hunt in the morning in the house. I put out 50 eggs. Why so many? I asked myself that same thing. I had some from back when she was just over one, then Chris had bought some filled with candy from Sam’s Club. I had purchased a few from Target forgetting about the other ones I had. I filled the ones I had with coins for her piggy bank. From this task, I think I might start rewarding her with coins for her bank then stars for listening and doing extra things. I’ve fallen out of giving stars as it wasn’t really working anymore and I wasn’t keeping up with it.

While I had her in a bath, I ran downstairs and picked up all the eggs and put them away for next year. She promptly, after bath, kept asking for the eggs. I had to keep explaining that the Easter Bunny is into recycling and needed them back for next year. This leads into the dreaded “why” question repeatedly.

Later, we went to Chris’s parent’s house where she had another chance for an Easter Egg Hunt. These ones were also filled with candy. At least this is candy she can eat. The one’s Chris had purchased from Sam’s club each had the same thing in it – a piece of gum (which she can’t eat,) and a candy bracelet that she doesn’t want to eat. Now we have 32 pieces of each of those. I think I’ll dump it off at work – people eat anything you put out in the kitchen.

April 6th – “I can’t, it’s not Passover.” This was her reply to me asking her to finish getting ready by coming upstairs to brush her hair and teeth. My first thought was, “well, it’s going to be a long while before we get to Passover again for this task to happen.” When I mentioned it to her pre-school teachers this morning they clarified that because of Passover, they had to put their toothbrushes away until tomorrow. I have no idea what Passover and toothbrushes have to do in common – something I’ll have to look up on the Internet, but because she goes to a Jewish pre-school this is how this comment came about.

April 7th - "Car Stop It!" She was yelling at the car as I was going around a curve. The curve of the car sent her books and other things that she had to the other side away from her and she was quite upset. I was glad that she was taking it out on the car and not me. She has in the past yelled, "Ouch Sun, you're hurting me." This is usually said when the sun is shining through the car window into her eyes. I'm sure I'll be hearing this a lot more now that it's starting to get nice out again.

April 9th - "If you're not listening, you're not going to have gum tonight." I thought this was pretty ingenious of her to throw "gum" at me as the bargaining tool. I am usually threatening one thing or another that she is not going to do or have if she doesn't stop or doesn't start doing something. She is now turning this around as evidenced by this comment and putting in something I like. Again, it amazes me how she can understand the context of the concept and apply it. Amazes, and scares me. I think as she becomes a teenager, I'm in for big trouble...a lot of arguments and disagreements.

A few other “catch-up” comments:

Needless to say, she really enjoyed the winter storms we had and really enjoyed going out and playing in the snow. Even now, when the snow has melted and the spring air has arrived, she keeps asking to go out and play in the snow. We definitely need to get a sled for next year.

We’ve been working hard on having her learn her colors and she’s gotten them down fairly well. Every once in a while she slips up and tries to roll the colors into one when we’re asking her what a color is. For instance, I’ll be pointing to the color blue and I’ll ask her what the color is. She’ll come back and say, “Rrrrroowwnnnuuee.” This is a combination of starting to say Red, rolling it into brown and ending with blue.” That way she can cover three colors at once and hope I fall for one of them.

She also likes to read to us now and it’s cute to watch her just make up stuff from the pictures she sees on the page, plus add a few words she may remember from us reading it to her. She also will start singing songs in the car, of which some she definitely must’ve learned from pre-school and other’s she’s doing a combining of songs. It’ll start out “Old McDonald…had a dog named Bingo…B..I…N…G…O.” I just smirk and enjoy the singing. She obviously doesn’t feel the same about my singing as she usually asks me to stop singing

We are now up to the “why” question and it can happen frequently and repeatedly on the same subject. Chris found that if he explains to her step-by-step what we are doing that she seems to stop asking…for a while. She will also employ this annoying tactic when she wants something, by repeating it often, like “I want a hamburger,” even after I’ve already told her okay, that when we get home I’d make her one. The comment happens over and over driving me up the wall. We then break down the steps of what’s taking place up to the point of her getting and eating the hamburger. For example,” We’re now driving home, once we get home, we’ll put away groceries, daddy will start the grill, and cook your hamburger, and then you can eat it.” For some reason, this works and stops me from becoming annoyed and stating “What did I already tell you?!!”

She is also now using more of my comments, repeatedly, on me. Such as, "Teri, I'm tired of this!" Or, "You're not making me happy." What gets me about these comments is that not only is she repeating back to me, and inserting my name, but the fact that she uses them at appropriate times. She's just not stating them out of the blue but in times of frustration with me not letting her do something. One that she hasn't quite figured out the appropriate timing for is, "This is not your fault!" She's usually trying to tell me that something is my fault.

One last statement that keeps coming out of her mouth all the time is “I’m the line leader!” She has picked this up from pre-school and tries to use it all the time on me at home. The problem is that she is a very slow line leader and I resort to saying, ‘Then lead! Get moving, lead!” When I mentioned it to her teachers at school they found this interesting as she only wants to be the flag holder when at school. They told me that she was quite upset one time when someone else got that job before her and was beside herself.

Being a flag leader entails having to stand in front of people holding the flag. This, along with the fact that she wants to be saying prayer at primary at church shows me that I might have a little one who likes to be in front of people…hmmm…not sure if it’s good or bad.