Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Grade!

September 6th - the day she started First Grade!

We got new clothes, got a new backpack, we're all set (and pray no flood or other natural disaster comes upon our town to keep us from going the next day).

Okay, I guess I should have expanded that wish to "No bus breaking down on the way to school," too.  We got her off on the bus driver from last year..which I was a little upset about but I guess her old one retired...all is good - Right?  We thought so.  We waited about a half hour or so before we left to meet her at school and walk her to her classroom.  We got to the school and waited..and waited...and waited.  When it got to be 8 a.m., then I was a bit nervous and wondering why she wasn't at school yet.  I thought, well, maybe since it's a new driver, and the first day, maybe he had other mom's to contend with who were sending their kids off with first day jitters.  Then it got to be 8:10 a.m.  I got more nervous.

I happened to overhear another mom state that she put her child on the bus at 6:45 a.m. (CRAZY!) and she was still waiting but heard that a bus had broke down.  I thought...what are the chances?  One of the school administrators saw a look on my face of worry/panic and asked what/who I was waiting for.  I told him my child who I dutifully sent off on the bus at 7 a.m.  He checked into what was going on and sure enough it was her bus that broke down.  They had to send another one out to pick up all the kids and finish the route.

While all of this was going on, we did take a quick trip down to her classroom so we knew where it was.  I also briefly stated to Chris, wouldn't it be funny if her "crush" from last year, Cody, was in her class?

Bus finally arrived and there she was all smiles and talking with a girl from last year.  As we start to walk down to her classroom, I see this other excited boy next to her and ask, wearily, "Who's this?"  The proud boy stated, "Cody M....."  I said, "What classroom are you in?"  He stated the same number as Makenna.  I chuckled.  Great I thought, my child will not learn a thing this year.  I made sure that they were not sitting next to each other in class - one kid between them - hope that's enough!

Little did I know this was probably a blessing in disguise.  We of course have had the usual, I want to see Cody comments in the beginning, but I was able to quash those with, "You just saw him all day in school!"  Then, I think she actually sees enough of him during the day, that she's decided, that's enough for her too.

School has been going very well for her this year and I'm amazed at how well she's already reading and what I'm really astounded at is the math that they have to learn.  At this rate, I'm going to need a tutor to help me to then help her.  I swear I feel like she's going to be doing proofs come third grade.  She has to already do mostly word problems and one already had an if/then statement to it.  I'm sure it's all good...I'm just shocked.  She seems to be doing well in math so that's good - so far.  Right now she says she loves math and loves homework.  I told her, "keep up that attitude as you're going to need it!" 

Packing up to go

 "Long" walk to the bus

 All Smiles as Cody is with her
 No cubby - now desk!
 Happy to be home after a long day

Mini Golf

On August 18th we went to a mini golf place on Route 12A.  We had seen it many times in passing, and Makenna would always want to stop and do it.  So finally one day - we did!  It was her first time and at first she got help from daddy, but then wanted to do it on her own.  Of course, she's wanted to go over and over, but believe it or not, mini-golf, at least this place, was fairly expensive in my opinion.

I did take her to the mini-golf at Skate Estate (with a coupon) the day before she started First Grade with her cousins Katie, Natalie, and Hannah.  Nothing like having a bunch of little kids wielding metal sticks with a blunt end and fighting about who goes first on the next hole.  Luckily we only had tears of frustration and not from hitting each other with their "swords".

Hopefully we'll go again this coming Summer...but maybe with just Chris, Makenna, and myself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Niagara Falls - Family Reunion

The Jones' Family Annual Reunion took place in August and as usual, we took a trip to Niagara Falls the next day.  Hopefully, we'll make it a longer trip and go on the Canadian side next year.

Of course Makenna has to take in the pool!
 Joan & Larry Jones

 Joan & Jim Jones

Darien Lake Campout

In July of this year (the 23rd through the 26th) we decided to do a camp out at Darien Lake.  We went with my brother (who is an avid camper,) and his wife and 2 kids, and Chris, Makenna, and myself.  We booked a campsite in early February and at the time, are thinking was, let's pick a spot that's covered by some shade.

Nice thought, BUT....we found out it was on uneven ground, and far away from bathrooms.  Really, how do they expect a little kid to get to the bathroom in time from such a far away spot?  But, that's not one of the questions they ask when you're booking a campsite.  In fact, Chris and I got to a point where we were actually driving to the restrooms.

So on one of our long walks to or from the bathroom, we were scouting out better areas to camp next year.  I do think we'll come back next year as Makenna was one inch shy of being able to go on the "big" rides.  Since we've come back home from that trip, she's grown that extra inch and can't wait until next Summer.

Those rides will have to be ridden with her father as I have found, as I've aged (gracefully?) that I can no longer handle spinning rides.  In fact, one night the "adults" wanted to go on the big roller coasters and I more than gladly took all three kids to the "little" rides.  Unfortunately, one of the little rides, was a bit too "spinny" for me and I almost lost it all over the kids.  That was even before the ride started!  I had to ask the kids to stop spinning the contraption we were in, and wait until the ride started.  I was going to have quite a funny/embarrassing story to tell if I did get sick.  After that ride, we went right over to a ride more my pace - the merry-go-round.

I did brave one roller coaster, which I counted over and over, to be only 33 seconds long, and there were no loops taking you upside down.  It was just fast and cinched you into a motorcycle.  So I was proud to have accomplished that. 

During the day, we enjoyed the water park portion and I enjoyed one day of sleeping near the kiddie pool while Makenna and her dad went down twisty water slides.  I did actually go on some of those too, but would have to hold onto my dear husband after getting off until I got my balance back. 

I think next year, we might actually try a "cabin" or a camper that they already have all set up on the camp grounds, just to save ourselves the hassle of all the crap we brought.  You think we were planning for the apocalypse with all the stuff that we had.  But at least we were prepared for anything!  And at least it didn't rain hard until the very last night which prompted our quick exit on our last day.
Makenna and Eli walking to the park

 I actually did okay on this ride but riding it twice was my limit
 This ride is more my speed!

 This is Jessica with Eli, Makenna, and Abbie

Plus, we know some other tips and tricks that we'll use for next year.  Like, bringing in a small lunch in our backpack so that we don't have to walk all the way back to our campsite (a 20 minute walk depending on where you are in the park) or to our car - which could be the same time distance - again depending on where you are in the park.  This will save a lot of time, crying, whining, and aggravation when you have a hungry, tired child.

I wish we had more pictures of the actual camping part but I only took the camera into the park one night and kept it locked up otherwise.  Oh year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

First "Official" Sleep Over

On July 20th, Makenna had her first official sleep-over with her cousin Katie.  We put them together in a bigger bed and read bed-time stories and then it was off to dream-land.  Well, at least it was for my child. 

Katie had a bit of a harder time falling asleep as she was not used to the light being on.  So after about an hour of Katie not falling asleep she finally told us that it was too bright.  So we turned off the light and then she fell asleep.  BUT around 6am we heard Makenna say, "Katie, want to talk?"  I made Chris run up there and tell her to keep it quiet and let her cousin sleep.  Which she did for about 15 more minutes.  Then she asked her again to have a little chat.

So I got up and took Makenna out of the room and let Katie sleep.  My child obviously has this whole sleep-over thing backwards.  She doesn't realize that you stay up all night talking and then sleep in.  Nope, she has it that you fall asleep immediately and wake up early to chat away.  I'm sure all too soon she'll have more sleep overs and I'll be begging them to turn out the lights and go to bed.

Olmstead Reunion - July 1st, 2012

One of my biggest highlights for the Summer was getting together with family that I have not seen in a VERY long time.  Some of them, I had never met ( know how that get a long line of them and you just don't know or meet them).  We held it at our house and the weather cooperated beautifully!

The Olmstead's is my maternal grandmother's line and her one brother (my great uncle Jim) and her sister, (my great aunt Bev) came along with their families and their families' families...etc.  (I'm sure the punctuation on this is a mess...sorry to my editing friends).

I just wish my grandmother could have been there in person to see us all together again.

 We had a pool for the kids to enjoy
 The whole gang (although a few had to leave early before this was taken)
 My mom - who looks awesome in purple!
 My brother Josh, his wife Autumn and 3 (of their 4 kids - the other one was not born yet)
 My cousin Diane & her husband Chap

 My cousin Jackie and her daughter Madison
 My Great Uncle Jim and Aunt Joyce (my grandmother's brother)
 Jim & Joyce with their 4 daughters
 The "extended" family
 My Great Aunt Bev & Uncle Dick Curly (all the way from Oregon!)
 Aunt Bev & Uncle Dick with 2 of their 3 kids
 Their extended family
 My Aunt Lori & Uncle Rich
 Here they are with my Uncle Tom & his new wife Diane
 Newlyweds! (June 2012) - I have to get some of their pictures up!
 My Sister-in-Law Jessica and her 2 kids (my brother Jared was on a camp-out with the boy scouts)
 My tired little munchkin

 Our extended family - minus my brother Jake and brother Jared)
 Beautiful night to end it on!

~~~I SO hope we can all get together again some time in the near future~~~