Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Bother Me!

Okay, well I know I just blogged yesterday but there were a few good comments from my little one today:

In the store trying to buy her shoes - she was trying on shoes that were way too big for her and walking off down the isle. I was trying to be calm and was patiently asking her to return and try on other shoes. Her reply, "Don't bother me!" After picking my mouth up off the floor I calmly let her know that we were going to leave the store without any shoes if she didn't comply to trying on what I had picked out. She did return and we agreed on a pair of shoes.

Tonight at dinner as she was blessing the food with our "ritual blessing" she stated, "God is good, God is Great, let us spank him for our food...." I smiled and held back a big chuckle and let her continue.

While getting her ready for bed after bath, I was trying to again get her to comply with getting dressed, and she said, "Don't push me!"

Okay, well we had a bit of an attitude issue from my pseudo teenager today. I don't know if I'd rather deal with this attitude now where I still have some sort of control (so I think) or wait until she's an actual teenager...unfortunately, I'm sure I won't have a choice in the matter...but if I did, I'd choose now as it has a hint of cuteness to it...when she's in her teen years...not so much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Sing Too Much

Makenna, as usual, is keeping me entertained with her daily quips or comments. Just this morning after pooping in the potty, she asked for a "high-five" for accomplishing the "deed." I heartily complied.

I look at her sometimes and wonder how she has gotten so big so fast. It amazes me to see how much language she grasps and then uses back on me. Just last night, Chris and I were looking at some pictures from our trip in Europe, and stay in England and I was just amazed how much hair she has now compared to six months ago and how much older she looks.

Well what really got me laughing today happened on the way to my exercise class. I may have mentioned in another post that Makenna has a "thing" for church music as she calls it. She insists all the time while we are in the car that it be on. It can't be any church music, it has to be the Children's Songbook music that I bought on CD (5 CD's to be exact). I tried putting an adult church cd in and it was a no-go with her.

The only time it's acceptable to turn it off is if she wants to sing her own song. Anything from the ABC's, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Bingo was his name-o, etc. Well tonight on the way to exercise class, she actually made up her own song. Something about the TV being broke and eating noodles and playing with toys. This gave me a big smirk and I told her that I loved her song. She said, "No, I Sing Too Much." I was like, "no you don't!"

Then on the way home, she wanted to sing some more. I forgot to mention that she usually wants to sing alone, she'll say, "No My Turn!" Well, she started singing the Mockingbird song. You know the one where daddy will buy you a mockingbird....Anyways, she kept saying something about "if that......(uninteligible)...Daddy will buy you a diamond ring. She kept repeating that line about daddy buying her a diamond ring. I guess that's the one that stuck with her. I found that quite amusing and warned Chris he better start saving up.

She also wants to be the one to say the blessing on the food - by herself. She'll push the food as far away from her as she can, fold her arms, put her head down on her arms and whisper some words, and say "Amen." I sometimes hear various words like something about swim and pre-school and maybe some names of people. Occasionally I'll hear something about food being nourishing for our bodies. I wish we could get her to be as reverent when we say our prayers at night. It's a free-for-all then it seems. She jumps around, talks, reads, anything but be quiet. Well, we're working on it.

Well, she's talking on the calculator, as she thinks it's her Blackberry, telling someone that she threw something down the cellar, and it's time to get her to bed. Here's to hoping that I'll hear her sing a lot more would just be nice if it was a modern Top 40 song once in a while.