Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Bother Me!

Okay, well I know I just blogged yesterday but there were a few good comments from my little one today:

In the store trying to buy her shoes - she was trying on shoes that were way too big for her and walking off down the isle. I was trying to be calm and was patiently asking her to return and try on other shoes. Her reply, "Don't bother me!" After picking my mouth up off the floor I calmly let her know that we were going to leave the store without any shoes if she didn't comply to trying on what I had picked out. She did return and we agreed on a pair of shoes.

Tonight at dinner as she was blessing the food with our "ritual blessing" she stated, "God is good, God is Great, let us spank him for our food...." I smiled and held back a big chuckle and let her continue.

While getting her ready for bed after bath, I was trying to again get her to comply with getting dressed, and she said, "Don't push me!"

Okay, well we had a bit of an attitude issue from my pseudo teenager today. I don't know if I'd rather deal with this attitude now where I still have some sort of control (so I think) or wait until she's an actual teenager...unfortunately, I'm sure I won't have a choice in the matter...but if I did, I'd choose now as it has a hint of cuteness to it...when she's in her teen years...not so much.

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  1. Children learn 50% of what they will learn in a lifetime by the time they are 3yrs old and 80% by the time they are 8yrs old (interesting...that is the age of accountability), so now would be the best time to address any issues you wish were different for any reason. Have fun and keep that delightful sense of humor!!! :) it will go a long way. Tommy used to say that he didn't like it when I was smiling, because he was not the one in control. :) Gotta love it!!!!


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