Friday, January 1, 2010

Year End Notes

Yes, I've failed yet again to keep up with this blog. Believe it or not, (you'll tend to believe as you see how long this is,) I've been keeping a diary to post in here but have just failed to actually post until now. I had it written out as I usually do but now I've broken it up into categories so that if you see something you want to read in particular, besides this whole long post, then you can go right to that section. As always, I apologize for the length but this is our family diary.


Swimming is going well. The first class, she was asked to sit at the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. The instructors (two of them) were taking the kids one by one and just having them kick in the water as they held them. Well, Makenna was at the end of the line and she decided she wasn’t going to wait. She promptly hopped in the water and off she went. I chuckled but was glad that she had the floats around her. I quickly went over and pulled her out and told her that she had to sit and wait. She then did. I also like how they are teaching them to put their hands like ice cream scoops and using their arms to move the water. Makenna seems to be learning from this method quite well.

The instructors also had the kids jump in but they were holding their hands and they jumped more onto the instructor then in to the water. At the end of class, they have five minutes of “free swim.” At her first class I went over and told Makenna that if she wanted to jump in, she could. She quickly got up and started jumping in. The instructor was going to hold on to her again as she did so, but I told them that she could do it with out their help. They were surprised at how quickly she jumped in, went under water, popped back up and did it over again. She received a certificate after her last class in December and we’re looking forward to starting class again in January.

Birthday Plans Scrapped:

Unfortunately, she was already a bit under the weather when I took her to her first swim class, and the next day she came up with a fever. I kept her home from pre-school and got busy cleaning as we still had a party the next day…or so I was hoping.

That didn’t pan out. She woke up on Saturday with a 103 degree temp and party plans had to be scrapped. I felt so bad. We had talked about it all week and she was so excited. I felt like a little kid again where I was anxiously awaiting some event, got sick and then tried desperately to figure some way to still do the activity I had waited for. This time, I felt this way for Makenna.

As we had saved all her gifts for the party, we brought them down and let her open them. She was so excited and was saying, “Hooray!” Plus, she got the present that she wanted most which was her Great Aunt and Uncle who came to visit for the weekend. She also enjoyed her Thumbelina and Tinkerbell movies and a mini-purse that I got her complete with a flip cell phone, lipstick, and credit cards, (pretend of course). I also did buy her some games such as Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Memory. I hope that she’ll be patient enough to play them at some point but right now, that’s not the case.

Chris stayed at home with her while the rest of us went to the new location for the party, which was Autumn’s parents house for Katie’s side of the party. I took some of the things I bought for the party over and we enjoyed watching Katie have a special day. I’m just glad Makenna is none-the-wiser really about what was supposed to happen compared to what happened.

“Mouth” of a 3 year old:

Sunday I stayed home from church with her and you could tell she was feeling better. She was making up for lost time by being “mouthy” as I call it. Yelling at us to “stop,” “Don’t do that,” “I don’t like that,” and my favorite, “Shush!” I was almost trying to figure out if I’d rather have her sick she was getting so bad. I kept her home from pre-school one more day, today, as she did have another slight fever last night.

It was a fairly nice day out so we still went outside for a short while just to get some fresh air. Of course she got hurt twice. Once she fell off her bike and her chin actually scraped the zipper of her coat, and another she was running in the gravely driveway and tripped and fell. So now I have a sick and bruised/scraped up child.

Then at night we unfortunately incurred the wrath of a major melt-down and I’m not sure if it’s just because she’s overly tired or her head is so stuffed up that it’s making her just lose it. We keep trying to get her to eat something but she just reverts to her, “I don’t like….” Of course, these are things she usually has no problems or issues with but at this point and time, she does not like anything. Plus, when she gets in trouble and put on the naughty step, when we go to get her out and talk to her about her bad behavior, she brings up past hurts/issues.

For instance, we go to talk to her about her actions that put her on the naughty step and she starts saying how she hurt her head or her hand or some body part that hurts. It’s funny how she’s picked up trying deflect a talk on punishment into console me I’m hurt.

That’s Not Appropriate:

She’s also now picking up a phrase that I’ve been saying quite a bit lately which is, “that’s not appropriate.” But it comes out more like, “not propiate.” I’m saying this when she’s telling me to shush or some other disrespectful comment – she’s saying it because I say it.

She has also been showing a dislike to our singing – mine more so as I’m always singing. Her comments are usually, “No, stop singing!” Plus there’s “Stop singing, I’m eating”, and “stop singing, I’m trying to sleep.” I know I can’t carry a tune very well without the help of the radio or some other person around me so I can see how she’d be offended but come on, I’m not that bad…am I? (maybe I don’t want to know).

Night time Potty calls:

We were also incurring the nightly wake up call of “I have to go potty.” I try to limit her fluid intake at least an hour before bed but trying to get a three year old to sit on the potty before she goes to bed, when she doesn’t think she has to go is another hard task to tackle. I tend to give in as she’s also at the stage of just when I’m about to turn out the lights for the night, she all of a sudden has to go. It’s more of a ploy to stay up longer but once in a while we get her to go. The ploy continues with needing a drink, and a myriad of other things. I hardly every let her have a cup in bed but daddy has given in on a few occasions. Those are the nights I make him get up with her on her 2am potty breaks.

On Monday (Dec 7th) we had a two hour event from about 2am – 4am of her constantly getting out of bed for one thing or another. She kept saying she wanted to get dressed and if it wasn’t that it was that she wanted to come into mommy and daddy’s bed. After a couple of hours I finally gave in to her request of sleeping on the couch. I said, “FINE! As long as you don’t get up again and stay on the couch, I don’t care!”

The next morning she was not too happy about having to wake up and I said, “Now you see how we feel when you wake us up constantly in the middle of the night.” When we went up to her room to get her dressed for the day, she seemed a bit scared of something and so now I’m wondering if she had a bad dream or something scared her when she woke up. When we took her up to bed the next night she kept telling Chris about some witch so now I am leaning towards a bad dream and she couldn’t express what the matter was.
Lately, it's not been so much potty calls but that her blanket falls off. So she'll come downstairs to tell me instead of just picking it up off the floor to cover herself!

“Different Gymnastics” :

One mother, at her previous gymnastics place put it succinctly when she said she was tired of paying close to $50 a month for a glorified jungle gym, once a week for 45 minutes. This mother also told me about another place that she found and is now taking her daughter. They actually teach them gymnastic skills and it costs less and it’s for a longer period of time.

Trying to find the place the first time took close to an hour. I turned right when I should’ve turned left (the short story) and after a few phone calls we finally got there. It was funny because I was so frustrated that I pulled over and told Makenna we were going to say a prayer to find this place soon. Anytime I pulled into a parking lot of sorts she thought we had made it and was saying, “Good job mommy.” So when we finally did make it I not only got a “Good Job mommy” compliment but also a request for a High-Five. Luckily the first time I took her it was just for a quick evaluation to see what class she would fit in to. Unfortunately, the class they wanted me to put her in is the same night as swim class so I got her into a higher level class on Monday nights.

On Monday (Dec 7th) it was her first official class and it is supposed to be for an hour and a half. But since there was only three girls total (including Makenna,) they only held it for an hour. They had her stretching, which she didn’t like and then trying to do somersaults and backward rolls, and got her on the balance beam and the trampoline. Her favorite was the trampoline, of course. She had a bit of a hard time staying with them and listening but I hope in time she’ll do better. She keeps talking about going back and we call it “different gymnastics.” So now she’ll say, “I want to go to different gymnastics.”

She is improving in some ways, one of which is not running to me constantly and staying with her class. She wants to just mainly do the trampoline but is getting a bit more confident on the balance beam and doing a bit better on the uneven bars. I have to realize it’s going to take some time and that the girls that are in her class have been there longer and a bit older, but by no means bigger. I just have to be patient and let her learn. I do have to give kudos to the teacher who has to put up with up to 8 (sometimes 10) kids who don’t always listen and who want to wander off. You here her constantly calling one kid or another to come back.


By saying the prayer in the car that night, she’s now incorporated that into a few of our trips in the car. This week (week of Dec. 7th) as I was taking her to pre-school, she all of a sudden told me she wanted to say a prayer. I turned off the radio and heard her say, “Dear Heavenly Father….(something I didn’t understand,) “So she doesn’t tell me shush….in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.” I had a smirk on my face. Then she again asked to say another one. She started again, and this time she prayed about being able to watch “Wallace & Grommit.”

She also is getting quite proficient at saying the blessing of our food which is so cute to here. She also occasionally says prayers at night for family prayer or her individual prayer and it’s cute to hear her incorporate things that take her immediate attention into her prayers. If you ever saw the movie “UP” where the dog is talking and then the dog is distracted by the squirrel and he blurts out “squirrel” – well it’s kind of the same way. Dear Heavenly father, thank you for the day, thank you for, no dolly, we don’t go poo-poo in our pants….” You get the idea.

Miss Independent:

She’s also lately become a lot more independent. I hear a lot of, “No! I do it!!” She wants to dress herself most of the time so I have to incorporate more time into my schedule for her to do this. It’s hard not to want to help to get things moving. She can do about 95% of it herself. It’s amazing to see how all of a sudden she’s just decided this is her job. Plus, one morning, she even got up and went on the potty by herself. I heard her get up and I went upstairs to check on her and she had turned on the bathroom light and gotten on the potty herself. She’s also done it during the day occasionally. This is great, but leads to poor hand washing hygiene so we make sure we have some of the anti-bacterial hand stuff handy. Plus no kid is a good “wiper” at this age, in my opinion. Since I first typed this (about a month ago,) she’s no reverted to not being able to go to the bathroom without me there.

The Wonder of Snow:

Last Saturday (Dec 5th) we had our first real snow fall. Makenna loved it. She was so excited about getting out and enjoying the snow. I’m not a huge fan of cold but it was fun to watch her enjoy it. I had a snow suit and bundled her up. She really enjoyed me making snow balls and throwing them at her or other objects. She really giggled when daddy came out and we pelted him. The thing I found was that we have to get better gloves that don’t soak up all the wetness from the snow.

Due to Chris’s foot surgery (on Dec 9th to remove a bunion,) I’ve had to take over the snow removal duties. I’m sure I’m exaggerating with this next statement but I swear I’ve had to shovel more, rake the roof more, and plow more than Chris has had to do in a long time. So far, as of January 1st, 2010, I’ve shoveled 3 times, raked the roof twice and plowed twice, and it’s only December. I hate to see what the rest of winter has in store!

Christmas Lights:

Makenna’s really enjoying the Christmas lights and decorations that are out and around on the houses. She’s constantly asking to see them every time we’re in the car. It’s hard to get her to understand that during the day people don’t turn on their lights as they’re harder to see. “But why?” she asks. That’s another new saying of hers now too. Last Sunday I took her to the light show in Ostiningo Park and she really enjoyed it. It definitely makes this time more exciting for me. I love to see how exciting and happy she is and that she’s really understanding more and even mentions or asks about Santa. Now it’s explaining about the birth of Christ that’s going to be a bit tricky.

On Christmas Eve we went to Chris’s church service and I was able to explain to Makenna that Christmas is a way for everybody to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. She kept repeating, “this is when Jesus was born?”


We enjoyed grandpa Avery and Uncle Brant coming over on Christmas Eve. She got an awesome plush Dora blanket from Uncle Brant which she loves and a walk-on piano (like in the movie “Big”) from Grandpa Avery.

Christmas day, sure enough, she was excited to see all the gifts. She did really well and didn’t get too focused on one gift nor did she just rip through all the gifts. I made sure the gifts said they were from “Santa” or an elf or Rudolph. My mom used to do this – even when I was an adult.

Then we went over to Grandma & Grandpa Jones – more gifts and a brunch. Then back home as I, yes I, believe it or not, was hosting dinner for my family. My brother Jake was in town for Christmas and with Chris’s bum foot, thought it would be easiest to have it our house – easiest for who?

Let’s just say, I’m glad the holidays were over. I had to include this awesome picture of my grandmother who is turning 100 on Jan 13th!

When she went to bed Christmas night, Makenna asked if Santa was coming again and that she’d have more gifts to open. I had to explain to her it’s one day a year.


After Chris got his surgery, Makenna really started acting out. We had to institute a “star” system where she gets a star for listening and helping out with various chores. We decided 10 stars and then she’d earn a “treat” of her choice (within reason). Daddy, Mr. generous, decided to start her out with 5 stars! He felt she needed some so that she could have them taken away for non-compliance. The next night, she earned 10 stars and got her treat of popcorn.

I guess it was a good idea so she could see there would be a reward but when Chris tried starting her out with 5 stars again, I drew the line. She had to start from scratch. She has become quite helpful and is still working on the listening part. She’s been able to earn at least two more treats since we’ve started it (on Dec 9th,) of which one was popcorn again! She’s also had some stars taken away and as soon as we threaten to take away a star, she’s immediately thinking she should get a star. She hasn’t quite made the connection between losing one not meaning “getting one.”

Her mouth has continued to grow – meaning – she talks back. At times it’s quite humorous. She’s telling us to “stop it” and not to talk to her. She’s also now picked up the phrase, “I think I don’t want to feel well.” This usually comes out when there’s something she doesn’t want to do or eat. My reply, “Then I think I don’t want to….[insert whatever is appropriate at this point]…such as I don’t think I want to let you see your movie if you don’t feel well. Or I don’t want to give you a piece of candy if you can’t eat dinner since you don’t feel well.

This past Tues., Dec 29th, I came and picked her up from pre-school and it looked like somebody socked her in the cheek and eye. They told me she fell down at the pool. She was either getting up or trying to sit down at the edge of the pool when she slipped. I was just grateful it wasn’t anything more serious like a broken tooth or concussion or broken bone.
Yesterday, (Dec 31st) I got out some dental floss and flossed her teeth - she actually loved it. It helps that it's the flat-tape and minty tasting. I had to remind her not to bite me. Hopefully she'll be better at this habit than I am. Plus, I'm preparing for her first dentist visit. When Chris and I go in a week, she's going to come along to get an idea of what it's like. I've been preparing her by reading a Dora story about going to the dentist and Makenna's really excited. I'm sure that will all be different the day of - but who knows. Maybe I should bring the book along.

Today, Jan 1st, 2010, Makenna got into a bag of mine that had some panty-liners. Why am I telling you this? Not to embarass myself (even though it is,) but she took them as diapers for her bears. She promptly got out the wipes, got out one of her Pooh bears (ironic I know,) and wiped it and then tried putting the pad on it as a diaper. Funny indeed!

Well, another long post and my goal for this new year is to be more diligent in posting updates on the blog so that you don’t have to read so much at once and I don’t have to feel guilty about all the stuff I inevitably forgot as so much time has passed since my lsat post.

Plus, soon the day will come where she’ll have a real cell phone, credit cards, lipstick and purse and her attitude will be just the same telling me to stop it, shush, and be quiet and I won’t have to check up on her all the time. Let’s just hope that’s not what I have in store when she turns four!

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