Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Tired of This....This is Ridiculous

Hey, for once, I'm going to have a quick short post and I'm doing it relatively close to the time it happened...is there some sort of medal for this feat?

Anyways, last night (Feb 8th), I was sitting eating with Makenna. As she finished her meal, she was pushing her chair away from the table and she bluntly stated, "I'm tired of this....This is ridiculous." I replied, "What is it that you're tired of?...The meal or my company?" She just got out of her chair and repeated, "This is ridiculous." Now how am I supposed to react to that without laughing?

What was more surprising, to me, was that it was a meal that she actually likes. She did eat quite a but of it but not as much as usual. It's a stuffed chicken manicotti meal but she calls it "chicken wuv-it." I don't know if this is supposed to mean chicken with it, or chicken...love it. I tend to hope it's the latter.

This at least ended a better day then it started. She was a complete mess when I took her to pre-school. I think she was a bit tired from partying with her grandparents all night. We had her stay with grandma & grandpa Jones so that we could enjoy the Superbowl at a friends house. It also could be from the fact that she didn't see much of us on Sunday and then I just picked her up the next morning and shoved her into pre-school. She was just flat out refusing to go into the class room and the teachers finally had to take over so I could get to work. They told me later that she calmed down and had a good day.

I almost forgot to also add that on Sunday during Sacrament meeting, she loudly stated that she had to go potty and wanted to go by herself. "You stay here mom" (as she's pushing me to sit back in my chair). She would walk a few feet and turn around and have her index finger pointing at me as if to state "stay there!" Then she'd walk a few more feet, turn and point, and double check I was still sitting. When she made it out into the hallway, I bolted from my chair to get her. Now I'm not only getting the words, but the finger pointing.....boy am I in big trouble!

I do have to say, I love these comments that she comes out with, even if she is repeating what I say....and even if...it's ridiculous!


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