Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make Me Feel Better!

Update on the dogs…they’re still living…barely….enough said.

Update on my grandmother…She’s still living. Although on Sunday she was back on the oxygen tank, not sure why, but she was in her wheelchair and able to spend time with us.

I swear my name “mom” is being taken in vain. I must hear it upwards 20 plus times a day with no comment after. Just “mom?” repeated endlessly until I finally lose my mind and patience and say “WHAT!!!????!” “What is it that you want Makenna?!~?” I then tell her to stop saying my name unless she’s going to tell me immediately after what it is she needs to ask or say. What’s funny about this is that she loves playing Go-Fish but when the three of us play, she forgets to say who it is she’s asking for a card from. So we have to keep telling her to say, “Mom do you have” or “Dad do you have.” So it’s probably pretty confusing to her that we tell her to stop saying our names, unless we play Go-fish, and then please say our names.

Makenna is pretty good at expressing when her feelings are hurt. When Chris is really stern with her, she’ll usually break down and cry. This past Sunday was a great example of telling someone what you want and I couldn’t stop laughing.

We were sitting down to eat and Makenna had the bag of croutons. Chris took it away from her and she promptly yelled at him, “Hey give me that! I had that.” He then yelled back, ‘You don’t yell at me!” This resulted in Makenna breaking down crying. Through her tears she was saying, “You hurt my feelings.” Chris tried to explain to her that she is not to yell at her parents. Makenna continued with, “You hurt my feelings.” Then she said, “Make me feel better.” I got the biggest grin on my face and started laughing. I wonder where in life do we lose that ability to say right off the bat how someone made us feel and that they need to rectify it right there and then. I hope this is a quality she doesn’t lose…as hard as it may be to hear.

I’m also so impressed with how far Makenna has come with gymnastics and swim. She is getting strong enough to almost do the parallel bar by herself. When she thinks about it, she jumps on the spring board to vault right into a summersault. In swim she’s doing the backstroke much better and learning to dive.

She also loves to get up and dance anytime songs come on during her shows. I talked to her yesterday about starting dance classes in the Spring and she is all excited about the idea. Another thing that she’s really excited about is starting kindergarten. She talks about it all the time. We are trying to teach her how to do certain things on her own and we keep telling her she needs to know how to do these things so that she can go to kindergarten.

One in particular is how to zip her coat. She can zip it if we get it started but we are trying to get her to be able to do it all on her own. Yesterday she just about did it herself (the zipper wasn’t seated all the way down). It was down far enough for her to be able to start to zip it up and she promptly said, “Yeah! Now I can go to kindergarten!!”

Can I just say I’m excited for her but so sad at the same time? I look back at old photos and videos and while they put a huge smile on my face, they also make me sad for that little girl I once had. Maybe I should tell her to stop growing up and make me feel better.

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