Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NYS State Fair 2011

We decided to make another trip to the State Fair this year (Sept. 3rd).  Unfortunately, we chose the last Saturday of the fair to go which also happened to be a very hot, humid day.  As we were there, I thought to myself, didn’t we go last year on a hot and humid day?  Why do we keep torturing ourselves?

Then to look at the grin and smile of my little girl on the roller coaster (kiddie roller coaster) and other rides that I recall why we come...which I would have pictures of if the camera battery didn't die.
This year we also went with my aunt and uncle from RI who came down. 
As a special surprise, we happened to see Crystal Bowersox (crystalbowersox.com) and got close enough to snap a couple of pictures.  I wasn’t willing to stand in line to get a picture with her but this was good enough for me!

I had also seen this on the news about this sand sculpture and it was truly humbling and amazing.  What was really hard was trying to explain it to Makenna.  She kept asking questions and the most simple answer I could give her was that some bad people did a bad thing that killed a lot of people.  Of course she kept asking why and I had no good answer for that.

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