Friday, November 4, 2011

Bits and Bobs

The title of this post is taken from our days in England.  It's basically "Miscellaneous" said in a more fun way.

Anyways,  here's a few things that have been going on.  On Sept. 6th, the day before Makenna's first day of school, I decided to take her out and we went bowling.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera!  It was our first time bowling and we decided to invite our cousins Katie and Natalie. 

It was quite a hand full...3 adults and 3 kids bowling.  Natalie (who's 2,) kept trying to take her turn constantly.  Katie and Makenna just kept standing in the way where ever they were.  But we got through 2 games a piece and decided that was enough.  Not to mention how much the prices went up!  I remember when you would "rent" bowling shoes and get your money back.  I guess they realized that no one was going to steal these corny things, so they now make you pay for the shoes and you get nothing back in return. 

Makenna and I then went to the ice cream store.  It was just her and I in the store, and my ice cream was a bit melted and messy - not as good.  Either way, I enjoyed a day with my big girl who was starting the next chapter of her life the next day.

On Sept. 18th, it was a nice "Fall" day so Chris decided to get some painting done.  Makenna loves painting so she decided she had to help and Chris and I always love watching the two of them doing things together.

Of course she tired of this quickly but it was fun while it lasted.

On Monday, Oct 10th we decided to go to the pumpkin farm with Aunt Autumn, Katie and Natalie.  Since we left a little sooner than I had anticipated, I didn't have my camera - yet again!  (I still have to get the pictures for bowling and this from Autumn). 

Makenna enjoyed it until her and Katie started fighting over who got to push the cart with the pumpkins in it.  Makenna didn't want to do the maze so she played in a play area, and did a obstacle course.  I had to go in and help her the first time, because she wasn't sure what to do and got scared, but then the second time through she was a pro.
On Thursday, October 20th, Makenna found the guitar that daddy got from his dad and decided she wanted to learn how to play.  Now Chris and Makenna play at the same level.

 So hopefully at some point I'll bug Autumn to get the bowling and Pumpkin Pictures.  AND hopefully at some point, I'll be caught up and stay caught up!  Here's to wishing.

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