Sunday, September 30, 2012

South Carolina Aquarium

We decided to enjoy time in South Carolina and on June 24th went to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston...and can I say...I'm loving my new camera!  You can see why (Be sure to click on an actual picture to see a better view of it!)

 This was pretty cool as she could climb into the Lemur enclosure and see them pretty close up
 Tomato Frog
 Day Gecko

 "Short Big-Eye"


 I swear I thought this was just a display and not real - it didn't even move at all - but one of the workers told me that it was very real - an albino crocodile

The new camera can even do a panorama view!
Then we went to a 3-D "interactive" movie where it blew mists of water and air on you
 We thought it would be fun to cool off in the fountain...until we found a sign saying "no going barefoot in the fountain"...Oops!
 We found a park near the bridge that takes you into Charleston and we walked around there for a bit

 Along the pier, they had these hanging swings which were pretty nice
 Another Panorama of a decomissioned ship - don't remember which one
 Then we went for a stroll in the ocean in the evening


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