Wednesday, August 27, 2014

~SNOW~ (add your expletives as needed)

We had SOOO much snow this winter.  At least it seemed that way with all the shoveling we had to do.  It got so high on the sides of our driveway I couldn't even see to back-out the car.  It was also very cold and school was even cancelled one day because it was so dang cold!  That was a first that I ever recall.  It would get below zero then to have the winds blow and the kids standing outside waiting for school buses - they must have thought better of it.  But when it started to become "normal" they had no choice but to let the kids come to school.  Probably didn't want to waste too many snow days due to freezing cold!

Moving provided us with a hill to sled down though - so we took advantage a few times.  It was a bit of a shock for Makenna as she never really went sledding down a hill before and getting snow in the face was a bit of an icy eye-opener.

If you scroll through the sledding pictures fast you get the idea of her sledding down and crashing.

Well, at least we got plenty of opportunities to go sledding if nothing else! (these were taken on 2/5/14)

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