Tuesday, August 4, 2015


(Okay - I'm out of excuses of why I'm not diligently updating - slothfulness, laziness, and life are my reasons).

Back in April of 2014 (yes 2014~!)  We went to Texas for "Spring Break" and to visit my brother Jared, sister-in-law Jessica and my niece and nephew (Abbie & Eli).  They moved down there in 2013 for Jared's job.  So Chris, loving San Antonio, decided we'd go down for a visit to see the sites, and since Jared and family only live about an hour or so from there, they came down to see the sites with us.

First up was Natural Bridge Caverns (photo's taken on 4/12/14):

Then we moved on to the San Antonio Zoo

Clouded Leopard

Black-handed Spider Monkey

 The kids had a good laugh about this hippo.  As it was swimming buy it "relieved" itself and there was poop, and hay, and grass floating all around it after - which the kids thought was the funniest thing at the zoo

The kids got to feed these birds with little cups of food

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