Friday, May 29, 2009

I Quit!

Well, here it is our new blog. We enjoyed our time in the UK and I truly am missing it at times. Mostly when I can’t find things for Makenna to do and I’m tired of watching Christmas Shrek. We were in such a routine and schedule that it was nice. Plus, she keeps asking for Hannah or saying, “Hannah’s not here.” I hope to keep in touch with Hannah’s family and have to send them an e-mail to see if they have a web cam so we can do Skype sessions.

You may be wondering how the potty training has gone. Well, it’s gone…out the window. I tried Tuesday through Thursday and I was ready to quit after Tuesday. I kept repeating to her every time I put her on the potty, “Makenna, where do we go potty?” She would look around and say, “light,” or “garbage,” or whatever else caught her attention at that moment. After repeatedly trying to get her attention I finally succeeded in getting her to say “in the toilet.” That’s about all we got down. I kept asking her if we go pee-pee in our underwear and she would just repeat what I was saying.

I bought her two packages of Dora underwear (five in each pack,) figuring that I could tell her, “We don’t pee on Dora.” Plus I did buy some pull-ups to go over them to keep any accidents contained. Good thing because we went through those underwear one right after the other. We did have a bit of success getting her to the potty on time but she just doesn’t seem to be able to tell when she has to go. I would repeatedly remind her that she needs to tell me or asking her if she had to go along with physically taking her. I couldn’t get her to sit still for very long.

Then I had another “missguided” idea that we would play “Elmo Potty” while she was going. Now I can’t get her off the potty. She’ll sit there practically through the whole movie which is around an hour or so. She get’s up and hasn’t peed and then get her underwear and pull-ups on, then she goes. I was frustrated! This kept happening. So by Thursday afternoon and our umpteenth time seeing Elmo, we did away with it. She wasn’t too happy about that. I also at that point did away with trying. I realize she just can’t read her body signals yet.

I still put her on the potty this morning and had success so I won’t give up completely but otherwise, it’s back to diapers for now. Plus, I’d hate to inflict any babysitter with training her right now too. Maybe they’d have more success than I would though. Not only that, but I bought underwear size 2T-3T – too small! They just fit her but are really tight and don’t cover her butt completely. I went out and bought 4T’s thinking they’ll swallow her up – nope. They just fit her and are almost too tight! What is going on?!~ She’s tall but holy cow, I have a hard time believing how quickly she’s growing.

One last thing I have to add that happened on Tuesday. I went to visit my grandmother (who is 99,) and at a nursing home. I took Makenna and when we got there we found her in the large dining room area. We sat and were talking for about five minutes and then this religion class started. Let me just say, it was the strangest thing I’ve encountered in a long time.

It was about devils and demons and sex. All I could think about was how strange this was to be talking about sex to this group of people. Not that they don’t have sex anymore but I bet a good lot of them don’t.

Anyways, it went on to state how devils and demons used to come down to the earth to have sex with the female species and when they procreated, the children came out as Giants. Then after the flood and Noah, God no longer let the devils and demons come down.

Then it went on to say how the male organ (and he named it) meets up with the female organ (again naming it,) and they have sex. At that point I was like, “alright – this is ridiculous – you don’t think they already know this?!?!” It continued with how sex between a married couple is good but sex before marriage is instigated by the devil.

Shortly after this, I took Makenna and left with apologies to my grandmother stating we’d have to come back another time. I think some administrator should really look into and approve this kind of stuff before hand, and if they did, than that administrator needs to be let go…in my “missguided” opinion.

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