Thursday, June 4, 2009

Work, Facebook, and "People in England"

Well it was my first week back at work and it wasn't too bad. I loved the feeling of getting things accomplished. Not that I wasn't getting things accomplished in England - but it's noticed and appreciated and I think that's a big difference. It was just like falling of a bike and getting back on as so many told me. Although, I forgot a few things like how to put on the brakes and to turn the pedals but it's coming back. It'll be nice when the agency picnic happens in a few weeks (as long as it's a nice day,) and to be able to see more of my co-workers and show them how big Makenna has grown.

Okay, well, I've finally broke down and joined facebook. I held out as long as possible but I did it so I could stay in better touch with people from England. I was able to show Makenna some pictures of Hannah from facebook and she didn't want to stop looking. At this point, I'm still stumbling around trying to figure it out and I've wasted wayyyyyy to much time on it trying to see pictures on others' pages and finding friends/family. Plus, trying to find other people I may have not thought of by looking at other people's friends. I hope that once I get the hang of this huge time waster that I won't be wasting as much time.

Speaking of England, I do find myself really missing my routine there and missing the time we were able to spend together as a family. Chris is now back into the swing of things at work and I'm back into the swing of complaining that he doesn't come home at a decent hour.

Makenna and I went to visit my grandmother at the nursing home yesterday and she kept saying to people, "Do you want to meet some people from England?" I felt awkward when I didn't come out with an English accent. In fact, I tried to say very minimal so that they didn't think it weird. I finally broke down by the third person and explained that we were just living there for a year, not that we immigrated here from there.

I have to add one cute thing that Makenna said tonight when I woke her up from her nap. I told her that we were having chicken and noodles in the hopes that, that information would persuade her not to be miserable. It worked as she said, "mmm, I like that." Worked until she came down and realized that I wasn't done cooking. Then the "teenager" come out in her and she whined and complained until dinner was ready.

Well, back to facebook to try and see what pictures I can add and who has considered me good enough to call "friend."

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