Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Know

Well Makenna is definitely on the mend. She's getting to be her usual 2.5 year old self - into everything, a pain in the butt (to which she'll attest to by saying, "you're a pain in the butt!~") but still cute as ever.

Today while getting ready for church I said to her, "Makenna, you're so pretty." She replied, "I know." I'm glad she knows. I hope that she grows with this confidence and self-assurance that never leaves her. Ever since she was a baby I've always told her that she was a smart, beautiful girl so that she gets it into her head. I always try to put "smart" first so that she recognizes that's a quality above others that she should be proud of. Lately, it's been a smart-alec.

She's into this whole, "It's mine not yours" phase which is a real treat. She'll take something that's not hers and repeat this phrase to get her way. Today she wanted grandma's (my mom) wallet. She likes to get into bags and purses, as most kids do, and she especially likes the wallet as that's where all the "pennies" are. When she starts flinging it around with it unzipped is when the restraints go on and then the fighting begins with, "it's mine not yours."

After the traumatic past week she's had, she also remembers about giving blood and going to the doctor's so most days she'll say, "Go to the doctor's to give blood?" When I tell her, "nope, we have a break for a while," she'll reply, "other kids turn." "Yes, other kids turn," I reply.

Yesterday we went to get her haircut again for a second time. She was NOT up for it in any shape or form. I was getting mine done at the same time and she relaxed enough to see that it didn't hurt me so while daddy was holding her in a chair (not the barber chair,) the beautician went over and just cut away. I'm grateful that Chris's blackberry kept her interested enough in sitting still so that it could be done. This was only her second haircut, the first being back around the holidays before we went back to England. Since she didn't sit still for that one either, there were wispy pieces always hanging in her face that bothered me, and her. This looks more evenly cut so I'm happier. Plus the back of her hair was getting so ratty.

Well, my goal this week is to try and at least write down if not blog daily some little thing that Makenna does/says. We'll see how I do...although some days may be combined but I definitely don't want to forget all the special moments that she creates for us whether good or bad.

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  1. I am so sorry about your rough go at it this week! I have tears just thinking about your sweet girl having to go through that. Thank goodness it isn't cancer. What a blessing. You and your beautiful family will be in my prayers.


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