Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Teenager

Didn't I tell you...I have a teenager....or so it seems! She's a complete grouch if you wake her up instead of letting her get up on her own naturally. Then she constantly wants to drive the car and wants keys to do it. She requires "different keys" as she puts it. Then she is always talking on the phone. She'll take my cell phone or a house phone or daddy's blackberry and constantly be "talking" to someone. You can usually tell who she's talking to, or trying to have a pretend conversation with as she starts the conversation, "hi, this is grandma," or "hi this is steffie," etc. I try to tell her that she's supposed to say "Hi, this is Makenna," but she doesn't get it...yet.

Today was really funny as she got my cell phone and I hear her saying, "Oh My gosh!" and then a hearty laugh would follow as if someone told her something unbelievable. Then she'd also say, "we'll talk about this later." I realize that she got that from me but I think it's funny that she's applying it to her phone conversation as if she doesn't want her "uncool mom" to hear her plans.

Plus, she takes my wallet any time she gets her hands on it. Off she goes taking out any money and credit cards....yup I'd say I have a teenager. Did I also mention that on occasion I catch her rolling her eyes at me!~

She can also repeat many lines from different movies that we watch. She's also into singing lately. I bought a CD of Primary Songs and every time we're in the car it's "church music?" So I have to put on one of the CD's and even if I think she's asleep I can change it for a break to regular FM, I hear in the back a weary voice say, "Church music?" I love hearing her sing the songs though. It's a good motivator too. I tell her that if she's doing something naughty that church music will not be heard in the car and she straightens right up...most times.

I guess as she ages physically to meet up with her "acting" age I'll have to come up with new things to "motivate" her with to fall into line.

One last thing I wanted to add that she did today (and once or twice in the past,) was to sing Old McDonald had a Farm....and on his farm he had an "Eli"....with a "wah, wah here and a wah, wah there, etc." I thought it was pretty funny and inventive.

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