Saturday, May 1, 2010

Say Cheese!~

What a beautiful, sunny warm day. We started out great and ended up miserable.

I took Makenna to swim lessons and asked her if she wanted one float or two. She agreed to one, so I strapped it on her and then told her teacher that she wants to try one float, but to keep an eye on her and if she felt it was too much for Makenna, to switch her back to two.

I went out in the waiting area, watched Makenna jump in, and then watched as one of the lifeguards rushed over to make sure she came back up. They immediately switched her back to two floats. Oh well, at least we tried.

After swimming we went to the park and met up with her cousins - Eli, Katie, Natalie, and Abagail. She enjoyed her usual climbing and went down the slide...once. It was too hot. Then rest of the time was mostly spent on the swings.

We left there and on the way to lunch I had given Makenna the case for the camera. I thought that the camera was in my back pocket still until I heard, "hey, the camera!" I was like, 'What?!" But I figured, no big deal, she won't be able to turn it on. All of a sudden I heard a ding noise indicating the camera was now on. I started laughing at her persistence and ingenuity in getting the camera on. Then I said, to myself, well, she won't be able to take a picture...WRONG. She was able to take two pictures - not bad really. From the back seat of the car I kept hearing her say, "Say Cheese mommy!"

I wanted to add this other picture that she took later at home after I told Chris about her craftiness.
So where did it start to go down hill? Well, no nap quickly turns into misery. She fell asleep on the way home from lunch but as soon as I put her down, she gets back up and says she's done with nap. This is truly unfortunate as I'm worn out and need a nap, Chris who has worked on the yard all day, is tired and goes and takes a nap. Plus, she woke up early (6:30 am). I once heard from a mommy podcast that there's an inverse relationship in putting kids to bed. The earlier you put them to bed they actually sleep longer. Then if you put them to bed late, like we did last night, they get up earlier...she proved this to be true.

I finally told her, after commanding her to go back to bed, that if she got up, then she'd have to go to bed early. That's where the misery really hit...later, when it was time to go to bed. I tried explaining to her the reason she was so miserable was due to lack of sleep. She didn't buy it. We did our usual bedtime routine, with a lot of fighting, but eventually we won out. Chris read her a story and she fell asleep while he read it to her. That's a first!

Today was also a day of bumps and bruises. At the park she flipped of the swing backwards and her back is a bit scraped. Then later we were outside taking a walk and having her ride her tricycle (or trying to get her to ride it,) and she got off, ran ahead and, Splat--right out on the gravely driveway. Two scraped up knees. The best part for her - she was able to get two plasters (band-aids) that have kitty's on them.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as nice, just as filled with fun, but less bruises and no fights at bedtime.

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