Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trip to RI – Part II – Party

On Saturday, we stuck around my Aunt & Uncle’s house to get ready for family and friends coming over to celebrate Richard’s belated birthday. Jessica (my sister-in-law) did have a friend come take her and her two little ones to the beach near by and let’s just say that Makenna had a massive fit. For over an hour she was just crying and screaming that she wanted to go to the beach. I felt bad but I wanted to stay and help with getting ready for the party and I figured we’d try and go the next day.

The party went well, my uncle was really surprised by some of the people my aunt had invited and the kids had fun playing with the sidewalk chalk.

There was one point where Makenna was really upset, yet again, and that was when a lot of the adults were playing volleyball and she couldn’t play. Let’s just say I had a huge fear of her getting run over by a lot of big people trying to get at a ball. So she sat over off to the side and pouted and would cry and look back to see if anyone was watching her and if we did give her attention, then she’d move farther away and cry louder. It finally ended when she got too close to the road and Chris went down and got her and got her busy watching a movie inside.

She was upset again later when adults started playing bocci ball and she wasn’t allowed to play that either. She kept saying, “I want to play pouch-ee ball.” Even the next day she talked about it.

I had to include this cute picture of my sister-in-law, Makenna, and my newest niece Abigail.

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