Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Night time debacle

A few nights ago (back on Thursday 9/2) Makenna decided to make four trips to our room in the middle of the night. Needless to say we were not too happy. Only one was really an acceptable reason of having to go to the bathroom.

The other three had to do with her blanket. She refuses to believe that she is old enough and big enough to pull up the heavy hot blanket to cover herself back up. She also has decided that she has to be tucked up tight as a sardine in said blanket. So before we say our good nights we be sure to tuck her blanket in to all sides of her mattress to make it tight fitting around her. She’ll even test that it’s up to standard by pushing her feet to the sides to make sure that they don’t poke out and show our bad skills of tucking. I just tell her to pull her feet back in under the blanket and she won’t have an issue but this is not acceptable to her.

This whole tucking thing makes me nervous anyways because if a fire came along I envision her being bound to tight to the bed from her blanket, unable to get out. But I guess I’m wrong as shown by her frequent trips that night.

We were quite upset and frustrated and my solution was to move up to the next size bed. This is really a crib bed converted into a day bed at this point. The next morning, Chris decided to take a big sheet and fold it over twice and tuck that around the mattress and then put the blanket over the top of that. This seems to have worked…so far. Of course, last night she came down again but she had gotten out to go the bathroom, which she did on her own, but then needed someone to wrap her back up like a sausage in her sheets.

I swear I have the only child I know who gets worse in sleeping habits as they get older instead of better.

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