Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Want My House to Be Like Sam's Club

Now most of you who know us would probably say, isn't most of your belongings (clothes, food, electronics, etc.) already from Sam's club, so in essence, isn't your house Sam's club?  True as that thought may be there is one thing I've realized I'm missing...little tasting stations.

I took Makenna on Monday to Sam's club to pick up some things and we tried some of the things as the different food stations.  She did not hesitate once to try anything they had to offer.  If you know Makenna, or have talked to me, you may know, that she is a picky eater.  To see her not hesitate and eat a piece of chicken cooked in some spices, Talapia (fish), pizza (no stretch there,) and a Cliff Bar was amazing to me.

Especially the fish - since I don't eat it - I don't make it.  But I'm all for having her like it.  I almost bought some just to make it and have her eat it.  Every once in a while, when we lived in England, Chris would get fish and chips and we'd get her to eat a bit of it with the the "It's chicken" statement.  I might still go back and get some.  I'll eat something else that night. 

This was the second time she's eaten what was given to her at Sam's Club.  At home I get an immediate, "I don't like that" (even when she hasn't tried it,) or a very firm "No."  So tonight, when she wanted to eat a crouton - just a crouton, I told her that she had to eat a bite of cucumber.  She said, "No!  I don't like that," and she flicked it away with her hand.  She even agreed to no crouton.  Then I told her, "Pretend it's Sam's Club."  That didn't work. 

Maybe I'll just have to start paying people at Sam's Club to serve her vegetables on the side.

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  1. A friend tells her children that fish is "strange chicken." One of them eventually said, I don't want strange chicken anymore. One of my nephews LOVES croutons and would just eat those as a meal if he were allowed.


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