Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Waiting!

Things are really starting to pick up now that we're getting closer to the holidays. Hardly a day goes by when Makenna isn't asking when Santa is coming.

This week, as usual, has proved to be a busy one. On Saturday I decided to make six dozen cookies for a cookie exchange. Why? Looking back...I have no idea. I certainly did NOT take six dozen back with me. I was grateful to get rid of them.

I decided to employ the services of Makenna. Luckily I didn't have to pay her money, yet, but I had to put up with one comment over and over - "I'm waiting!" She was standing on a chair next to the mixer and while I was reading the directions for the next ingredient or getting the next ingredient measured out, "I'm waiting!" would escape her lips. Imagine this for six recipes, and for some of those recipes, they had multiple steps and/or ingredients. I think I probably said those words in my sleep when I went to bed. Plus, it was said with a sense of frustration of someone who has better things to do with her time and she's trying to be as patient as possible, but her patience is wearing thin.

At one point, she did leave, I think during recipe three and said to contact her the next time eggs needed to be added to a recipe so that she could break them open. Of course the next recipe called for them to be separated so I had to have her break them carefully.

I was thoroughly exhausted after and then we had to get ready to go to Chris's work party at Roberson Museum. It didn't take me long to realize an error of my ways. I should've had her take a nap at some point. She was starting to get into break-down mode prior to leaving.

As I figured, though, she fell asleep on the way and we sat in the car an extra five minutes to let her sleep just a bit longer. This did seem to help as she was in a much better mood. But I think that could have more to do with the pizza she got to eat. She wasn't into looking at all the decorated the trees so much but she went along room to room with us.

We also got her into the planetarium show, which for her, was too long. She was ready to leave about two minutes into the lights being turned off. We told her if she could just be quiet and behave we'd have a surprise for her. I think it was a minute later when the lights came back on and she was asking for her surprise. We took her out and there was a Wii for her to play. She waited patiently for her turn to golf and she actually did really well. The long drives she could really hammer out, but the putting needs work. I can't wait until Christmas when she sees one under the tree. I don't think we'll ever be able to do or play anything else. At least she'll want to come home after school to play it. Now it's like pulling teeth when I tell her we're just going home and have no other plans.

We did get one picture taken which will be in our Christmas cards (I think). Don't hold me to it as it could change.

Monday was my mom's surgery and my brother Jared took her up. The surgery itself went well, but it was from the table to the recovery room that things went wrong. I guess they've now determined that my mom is highly allergic to any opiate type drug. She had already given them a list of drugs that she could not take and now morphine has to be added to the list. They used morphine to put her under and when she was coming-to it caused her heart to do wacky things. The top half started beating faster than the bottom half and they almost had to put her under again and shock her to get it back into normal rhythm. But upon hearing that's what they were going to do she said "NO" and eventually they gave her something else to get it regulated. She had to spend the night in the cardiac unit but she was released the next day.

We were very grateful that she was able to make it through and especially grateful that all the snow that was predicted held off so that Jared could get her up there and Chris could get her back. She's at home now recuperating and says she feels like a truck ran over her. Although she is up and moving around a bit better than before the surgery. Next will be the gall bladder surgery. Probably not for at least a month or so.

Here's some pictures from the weekend at Roberson:

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