Monday, March 21, 2011

Recycling Jesus

The things that my child comes up with just continue to amaze me and make me laugh. This past week at pre-school, they were learning about recycling. The teacher had asked if we could bring in any recyclable bottles or cans and I came in bearing a very large bag of them along with another small bag. We tend to wait for special opportunities to off-load these on people instead of taking the initiative to get our money back and this was a perfect opportunity to do just that.

When I showed up with Makenna on Wednesday morning (3/16,) the teacher pulled me aside to tell me about the conversation that took place the day before. The teacher was talking to the kids about the importance of recycling and how these bottles and cans will be broken down and recycled into various things that we will use again, Makenna chimed in and said, “Oh, that’s like Jesus when he comes again, He’s recycled.” I had an astonished look on my face and I said to the teacher, “She said that?” Then I laughed as the teacher said that she also had a good laugh at that besides not knowing how to respond. Also, not to mention that her pre-school is in a Jewish run center and they celebrate Jewish holidays and follow Jewish customs regarding kosher foods and kitchens. That must’ve really thrown a wrench into her response. Although, I don’t think the teacher is Jewish.

She also continued to say that as they were sorting the various cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles, that when some glass bottles came out from our bag, Makenna again had some “words of wisdom” as she told everyone how her daddy liked those bottles (beer bottles). With an emphasis on it as if to say, those are his precious bottles. It came across to me like daddy drinks a lot. That really had me puzzled as Chris honestly does not drink very often and when he does, it’s rarely in front of her. I guess the times he has must have really stuck with her.

The fun doesn’t stop there though…this morning Makenna woke up and came down to inform me that she has a headache and that it’s giving her “mumps and weasels.” I believe this ailment is from her Winnie the Pooh book when Winnie the Pooh goes to have a check-up and gets shots so he doesn’t get “bumps and weasels” and his friends promptly reply that it’s mumps and measles not bumps and weasels. So to be correct on both sides, Makenna has decided that she now has mumps and weasels. As the morning went on, she also had another ailment, “tushy.” When I explained that “tushy” is just another word for butt she told me that I was wrong and it had to do with her head. Then I thought; well now it all makes sense!

All of a sudden she started shaking her butt and saying, “stop it tushy, stop it.” Translation…she was yelling at her butt to stop shaking all over. When I asked her prior to leaving for school if she felt better and if she still had mumps, weasels, and tushy she told me that her tushy was better.


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