Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Here We Come

Last Friday, March 18th, we enjoyed going to the park as a family, dogs and all, to enjoy the decent weather that is finally beginning to peek through.

The dogs loved being able to run and Makenna enjoyed getting her tricycle back out and enjoying the fact that she’s better at peddling and steering it. A note to all of those that we “run into” literally…we’re sorry. We’re still trying to teach Makenna to look at the road as she drives. Not at her steering wheel.

When we got to the playground area of the park, the dogs took a rest with Chris and I went around following Makenna. She convinced me that I was still a child and that we could go down slides together. Surprisingly, I agreed and more surprisingly I fit down the slides. Although, my equilibrium is definitely not what it used to be. I went down one of the twisty-slides and had to wait for a moment to have the world stop spinning when I got to the bottom. But I forged on and continued to go on more slides.

I also had to let Makenna know that this year she is too big for the baby swings. I think she was okay with that as she can get on a big swing herself now. Now it’s just teaching her the “swing” techniques.

The dogs, surprisingly, did not want to interact with other people or dogs. They cowered as other people came up to them and when one lady stopped with her three dogs to give my dogs chicken they just assumed to keep going. Of course, they had just had rabies shots and another shot of some sort, from the vets office and the female dog was not doing well with car travel. She got sick on the way to the vets and on the way to the park.

Makenna enjoyed her bike some more yesterday (Sunday) and Chris remembered that he had gotten her a bike helmet and surprisingly she had no issues about wearing it.

Then this morning, Monday, woke up to snow and sleet! Spring is such a tease.

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