Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Cookbook 2011

Here are the recipes from the cookbook created by Makenna’s classmates for their moms:

Potatoes - (Ingredients: Potatoes, Rice, Spoon)

Instructions - Mash potatoes in the sun and let them dry. Make them hot by putting them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Eat them with rice and a spoon.

My Comments: In my opinion, putting them in the sun to dry would mean that you only have potatoes in Binghamton about three times a year. Also, does that mean I have to stop using my fingers to eat mashed potatoes or is it optional?
Spaghetti and Meatballs - (Ingredients: Sugar, Sauce, Salt, Vinegar, Long Noodles, Water)

Instructions: Mix sugar, sauce, salt, and vinegar all together. Put meatballs in a pot on the stove for 15 hours and 10 minutes. Put long noodles in a pot with water for 2 hours and 1 minute. You can buy everything at Wegman’s.

My Comments: Even though I'm a bit skeptical about the vinegar, I really am impressed with the exactness of time to cook the sauce and spaghetti.
Chicken - (Ingredients: Chicken, Secret Spice)

Instructions: Cut the chicken into 2 pieces. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 minutes. Cook it in the oven for 8 minutes at 1 million degrees. Don't know the spice, but it is spicy on my tongue except for dad. Serves Grandpa, Dad, Brother, Me.

My Comments: Wondering what the 2 minutes in the 'fridge does to help but willing to try, it's only 2 minutes. Wondering where I can get a stove that goes as high as a million degrees as I could cook things so much quicker. Also, knowing that the parents for this child are Asian, I can only think of "Ancient Chinese Secret" when it comes to doing laundry (for those of you old enough to remember that commercial,) and wondering if
It’s the same stuff they use for their chicken, as it's only two pieces of chicken feeding at least 4.
Ketchup and Noodles - (Ingredients: 12 boxes of Elbow Noodles, Butter, Ketchup, Cheese)

Instructions: Buy 12 boxes of Elbow noodles from Wegman’s. Put them in a pot and mix with hot water and butter for 10 minutes at 150 degrees. Pour them into a bowl with holes in it. Add Cheese.

My Comments: I'm impressed that it only takes 10 minutes at 150 degrees to cook 12 boxes whereas the other kid needed an oven with a million degrees. Also, I'm guessing that the ketchup is a personal preference as it's not in the instructions and frankly, I'm glad as I don't know if I'd make this recipe if I had to actually use the ketchup on the noodles.
Beef Soup - (Ingredients: Chicken, Water, Carrots, Beef Soup)

Instructions: Put the beef soup in the pot. Take the chicken from the fridge and put in microwave for 4 minutes. Put in pot and add water. Cook for the length of a movie. Add round carrots.

My Comments: Interested in why it's called Beef Soup when chicken is added? Like how this child's cooking time is based on the length of a movie, but also feel that depending on the movie, say for instance, "Gone With The Wind, it may be overdone.
Grilled Cheese - (Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese, Brown Bread)

Instructions: Put cheddar cheese inside bread, put on stove for one second, keep crust on, no cutting.

My Comments: Like how this child knows what kind of cheese and what kind of bread, but I find it a bit of a waste of time to put it on the stove for one second, but that's me. Also, I'm glad I was told about the crust and cutting as I always wonder about that. Now I know.
Bacon - (Ingredients: Bacon)

Instructions: Buy bacon from Wal-Mart. Put 5 pieces on a paper towel. Put in the microwave for 3 hours.

My Comments: Now this is why I don't buy bacon. One, I typically don't buy my food at Wal-Mart (but part of that is just because it's too far away,) and also, who's got the time to wait 3 hours for bacon?
Macaroni & Cheese with Balls - (Ingredients: Macaroni, Orange Cheese, Little Balls, Water)

Instructions: Mom goes to Wegman’s while I go to kidsplace and play. She buys macaroni and cheese with the little balls. Bring it home, pour water in it and put in microwave for 15 seconds. Add orange cheese then blow on it because it is hot!

My Comments: Well, besides the fact that I know she meant "little bowl" not "little balls" - I guess I need to explain that putting it in the microwave for 15 seconds will give her hard wet noodles. But for the rest of the instructions...she's right on the money...even down to the cheese. What the heck do you call that cheese besides "orange?"
Pizza - (Ingredients: Onion, Tomatoes, Beef, Pepperoni)

Instructions: Buy round pizza at a bakery store and bring it home. Put in downstairs freezer. Take out and put in microwave for 10 hours on high power. Ingredients are already on it. Have Dad cut into pieces.

My Comments: Now, I'm really confused...why put it in the freezer to just take it back out? Where are these kids getting these appliances? A microwave put on high power for 10 hours to cook a pizza? Maybe she also needs the million-degree oven. Like how she also got dad involved in the cooking process.
French Fries and Ketchup - (Ingredients: Potatoes, Tomatoes)

Instructions: Get potatoes from store or garden and take the skins off. Throw the skins away. Cut potatoes into 7 pieces. Place on tray. Put in oven for 10 minutes on 0 degrees. Smoosh tomatoes to make ketchup, serve cold.

My Comments: Wow, first, love how the ingredients rhyme. Next, now I finally know what to do with the mountain of skins I have in the pantry. Yet again, another appliance issue, but I'm glad that we serve it cold as it was in the oven for 10 minutes at 0 degrees. Or is it the homemade ketchup that's served cold? Oh crap, now I'm confused.
Thai Food - (Ingredients: Thai Food)
Instructions: Pick it up from the restaurant.

My Comments: My favorite recipe by far! I think I can do this one!

I absolutely loved this idea from her teachers. I will hopefully always be able to treasure and keep this and refer to it to be a better cook.

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