Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was fantabulous! Why you ask? I had a day to myself. Most moms may say that they enjoyed spending time with their family and doing things with their kids. For the most part, I do enjoy days like that, but I seem to have many days of Makenna and myself going and doing things. This was a day where she could spend time with daddy and I could have time to myself to do....NOTHING! Well, as much of nothing as I could stand. I still did dishes, laundry, take care of the dogs, and make homemade granola. Plus go to dinner alone with my mom, and get some shopping done.

Mother's Day for me started on Friday (5/6) when I dropped off Makenna at school and got this cute little bag that was colored by Makenna and in it was a "cookbook" made by the kids, and a pot-holder that she had colored. Plus a cute little baby food jar that was cutely decorated and had flowers in it. I loved the jar and the cookbook. I'll have to make another post about the cookbook alone as it was absolutely hilarious. It was kids telling the recipes of how their mom's cook their favorite foods.

Then later in the day I came back to school for her afternoon UPK class and we got massages by the kids...which for me was dangerous because when I give Makenna massages I lightly rub her back under her she tried to do the same. Needless to say, I didn't want my shirt pulled up. We also made bracelets and decorated jewelry boxes. Then we had a story and a dessert. I left during the movie time as I needed to get her registered for Summer camp and pick up a few things at the store. She was upset I left and I felt bad but I really needed to do these things without worrying about her disappearing.

On Saturday, Chris had to take his parents down to NJ to go on a cruise ship that he had arranged for them for their 50th wedding anniversary. I said to him, "You know what would be a great mother's day gift?...If you took Makenna with you!" He didn't think it was such a great idea at first as he was concerned about the bathroom situation. I told him that she could pretty much go on her own, and prefers to, but that hopefully he could find single bathrooms. In the end he decided to take her and I had the day to myself. Besides all the other things I listed, I watched a lot of TV without having to fight to watch what I wanted. We have a DVR that's pretty much 100% full as I only get a chance at night to watch things off of it and most nights I'm trying to watch other things that are actually on at that time. So even though I got it down to 80% full, as of last night it was almost back up to 100%. Hopefully summer will have a lot of re-runs and I can catch up on some of these shows!

Plus, I thought it was a good idea for Chris and Makenna to spend time together. I hope that they'll always have a close relationship and it means a lot to me to watch her do things with her daddy. I didn't really have an opportunity growing up to do a lot of things with my dad and I want Makenna to have that with her dad.

Chris thought that he might take her over to the Statue of Liberty, and that kind of made me pause for a moment about going too, but then I really wanted a day to myself more. Also, the dogs just got spayed/neutered last week so they couldn't really be alone for very long.

He decided to just go to some Science Center that was nearby but obviously they still got to "see" the statue from a distance as you can see by the pictures:

Then on Sunday, Mother's Day, Chris took Makenna outside to mow with him. She loves sitting on his lap with her ear mufflers (I can't think of the word I want...things to cover her ears to protect them from noise), and go around on the lawn tractor to mow. This gave me more time inside to myself to watch more shows and relax. They then got into a squirt gun fight and she loved being soaked. When I came out to gripe how it was a bit on the chilly side to be getting her head wet, Chris proceeded to squirt me. Of course Makenna found this hilarious. She keeps asking to play "squirters" now.

Then of course it ended with a dinner cooked by Chris. Steak (grilled,) potatoes (microwaved) and corn (Microwaved). So nothing extravagant but nonetheless tasty!

Now the real mothering comes in this next coming week when he goes away for a week on a guy's fishing trip. Probably another reason he agreed to take Makenna this past Saturday. He knew he was going on a man-cation for a week and all I got was a day. I'll still take it! Now I get another vacation while he's gone...I get the bed all to myself again!

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