Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip Home - Day 5

We woke up early and headed home via Ohio where we stopped at the COSI musuem (Center of Science and Industry).There were lots of things to do and play with - as you can see by this huge lite-brite type board.
They even had a water play area, where they were smart enough to have rain gear for kids
They also had a section on the body and this little piano played bodily noises - tons of fun as you can imagine.They also had this section where you could take some tests like strength and flexibility.  Chris and I first tried the strength test and he was quite miffed that I beat him.  So we tried again, and he came up with a higher number but I wasn't too far behind him.  Then we moved on to the flexibility test and I blew him out of the water - you can see by the picture below - this man has no flexibility whatsoever!  (I don't think I laughed so hard in a long time).
We also saw a 3D Imax movie about dinosaurs.  We were warned that it got a bit graphic in a couple of places, but Makenna still enjoyed it, and we covered her ears during the loud parts.

Then we continued our journey home.....

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