Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip to TN - Day 2

We got up and headed further South to Sweetwater, TN and ended up at the next cavern called "Lost Sea Adventure"  You can read more about it here http://www.thelostsea.com/history.html.

It boasts to be America's largest underground lake.  To get to it, we had to go down this tunnel.

We also saw more stalactites and stalagmites, not as neat as yesterday's trip at Luray but this cavern had writings in it that were carbon tested to be back in the 1800's and it's believed some of these names and dates written were from confederate soldiers.

I think they called this the "devils" hole - the guide told the story that if you look down in to the hole and see the devil, it means that you're going to hell, if you don't see anything you're "safe."  He then went on to say that a little girl looked down whole and said she saw the devil.  It turned out to be one of the workers changing the light bulb.

We did go on the lake and someone a long time ago had brought in fish.  Since they would naturally have been in here, every time they go out on these boat rides, they feed the fish.  So they're quite large and it was neat to watch them literally jumping out of the water for the food.  Also, since it's typically pitch black in the cavern, these fish are actually blind now.

We then left that cavern and got to the hotel and had a little fish of our own swimming around.  She is now swimming without the aid of any flotation device.  She loves to jump in and then swim to the nearest person and hang on, or to the side of the pool to get out and jump in again.  Here she is with cousin Anna (in the middle) and cousin Caitlyn in the back.

Once everyone made it to the hotel, then we went out for food.  We decided to drive to downtown Nashville and walk around until we found a place we could all agree on (that took some doing as you can imagine).

The kids got to sit at their own table and Makenna loved every minute of not being hovered over by mom or dad.    (Anna in yellow shirt, Ryan in black shirt, Michael in purple shirt, Caitlyn in bright pink shirt)

The family:  (Chris, Lynn, Michael - all siblings)  The other two siblings (Laura and Bruce) were also in attendance and we missed Phyllis and her kids who couldn't make it.

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