Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, being that this is her first year of school, we have had a lot of “firsts.”  I was completely unaware, unprepared and amazed at all that I’ve had to deal with already as none of these were on my radar to happen this early.

The first one happened on Nov. 21st, 2011 – Being kissed by a boy on the bus.  As soon as she got off the bus she informed me,
M:  “Cody kissed me!” 
Me:  “WHAT?” 
M:  “Cody Kissed me!” 
Me:  “Why?” Came my reply shortly followed by “How old is Cody?” 
She told me that Cody was 5, maybe 6 (me thanking God it wasn’t one of the older kids,) and she then made this statement which I absolutely loved…”Doesn’t he know that now I’m going to get virus and that I’m allergic to kisses?”

Me:  (stifling a laugh and a smirk as she was so serious,) “I guess he doesn’t…but let’s keep that thought for another 15 years!”

The next “first” was on Nov. 29th, 2011 – Our first time learning that light bulbs that have been on are very hot.  She was trying to turn off a light that was part of our headboard and it doesn’t have a normal light-switch so she thought she just had to turn it to go off.  I believe we learned our lesson on this one.  Usually it only takes one time for this lesson to sink in.  A long with this lesson came a lot of tears, (screaming, let me not forget the screaming) and a whole lot of dramatic hysterics.  I can’t even put into words the hysterics (that show how much of a drama queen I have on hand).  Not to minimize her pain, as I’m sure she was in pain, but we had to call daddy right away and he brought home some things to fix her up; like burn ointment and gauze pads.  We then wrapped up her hand and she liked her “cast.”  She was more than proud to show it off and we had to convince her that some time without it on was needed as the days wore on.

This one isn’t a first but more of a follow-up to the kissing incident…On Dec. 2nd, 2011, Makenna woke up and had gotten sick.  The poor thing hadn’t gotten sick in such a long time that she didn’t know what to do so I found her sitting on the toilet holding puke in her hands.  Close but not quite was my thought, and it was hard not to laugh even though I had a mess to clean ahead of me.

But her first comment, “See Mom…I told you I’d get sick from the kiss.”  Yes, Makenna, you’ve proven that kissing a boy can make you ill…congratulations at learning such a lesson this early in your life…again, can we keep this lesson in our mind for the next 15 years or until you’re out of college?  You are planning on a 4 year residency somwhere too right?  That counts as part of college.

After a few hours she was her usual self so I took her grocery shopping with me (as Friday’s are my get things done day and a sick kid wasn’t going to stop me).  I decided to buy a toy for the dogs which Makenna then confiscated saying that they would just ruin it and she proceeded to keep it and slept with it to ensure I wouldn’t sneak it away from her and give it to the dogs.  I tried to convince her, to no avail that it was a treat for the dogs, but she literally was crying at the thought of me giving them this squeaky, green, elongated Santa-looking dog to rip to shreds.  So I let her have it until she didn’t care anymore…about February is when the dogs finally got it.

On Dec. 10th, 2011 she had her first invite to a birthday party for a kid from her class.  She loved it and showed me that I might have a cheerleader on my hands.  She was literally next to the kids after they bowled cheering them on, shaking her hands like they had pom-poms in them.

Since then she’s been invited to another party for another classmate and I have many more firsts to write about but this post is long enough!

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