Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pre-Christmas happenings

Well, I fell off the blog-a-sphere again but will still work on trying to catch up and hopefully by the time Makenna graduates from high-school (or college) I'll have found the time to keep you all up-to-date.  I think that gives me enough time....or maybe not.

You can see by these pictures (back on Nov. 18th, 2011) that she loves to help cook.  Especially if the reward is chocolate batter:

But she does offer to help to cook meals, on occasion.  In fact, on December 6th, she made her own toast.  Got the bread out, put it in the toaster and pulled the lever.  Not rocket science but the fact that she was willing to do it was a step towards major independence.  You can say that I feel more confident sending her out in the world now that I know she can make her own toast.

Then it came time for the dreaded (dreaded to her and now to us,) Christmas picture.  She was not willing for us to take a picture until we felt we got the "right one" for the yearly card.  We tried to include the dogs too but they were more non-compliant than our child...imagine that.

Lucky for us, Santa decided to make an appearance at Wegman's on Dec. 10th, and we got our picture:

Funny how that jolly guy can make everyone smile!

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