Friday, June 8, 2012

Let’s Start Off the New Year With a Snide Remark

I won’t even try to make excuses….yes I’m behind…yes I know it.  SO here’s my feeble attempt to try and catch-up.

Let’s start with January 1, 2012.  What better way to start off the year then with a Makenna-ism. 

We had just finished dinner and I was in the kitchen cleaning up dishes.  Before I left the table, there was some type of controversy going on in the dining room between her and her father.  I don’t recall what it was but I do remember him saying…”HEY…you don’t….(insert whatever random thought you have here). 

Her reply – “MY NAME’s NOT HEY!” 

You know how you’re not supposed to let your kids see you laugh at the bad things they do?  Well, it was a good thing I was in the kitchen so I could laugh all I wanted.

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