Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Crush

Back to our theme of "firsts":

Well it seems that we have first crush on a boy.  When Makenna got off the bus on March 19th, she wanted to walk up to Cody’s house.  I’ve been hearing about Cody on and off but now it was taking a more serious turn.

I agreed that in a little bit, we could walk up to his house with the dogs.  After some time went by, and I was tired of being asked, we took our dogs and headed up to Cody’s.  As we got closer Makenna saw his mom and dad standing outside and said to me, “Look there’s his mom Bobby-Jo and his dad Jim.”  I was astonished at the first name basis that this had now taken on.

We introduced ourselves and showed off our dogs (the reason we stated for going up).  Makenna then saw Cody riding his bike without any training wheels and marveled at such a fete.

After a few more moments of uncomfortableness I finally got Makenna to walk back home.  On the way back, she just commented over and over how “Cool” Cody was because he could ride his bike without training wheels.  I took it as a moment of “mom-ness” to say, “Well, if you practiced more, you could ride your bike without training wheels.” 

But practice would have to take place another night as it was time for bed.

The next day Makenna again wanted to go up to visit Cody as soon as she got off the bus.  I, taking full advantage of the situation, said, “If you do good at gymnastics, and listen, when we get back, we’ll walk up to visit him.”

All during gymnastics I had a little excited girl asking, “am I doing good?”  We got home and up to Cody’s, dogs and all, we went.  When we got up there, the door was open but the rest of the house looked dark and deserted.

M:  “Where is he mom?”
Me:  “I don’t know Makenna”
M:  “Where could he be?”
Me:  “I don’t know Makenna.”
M”  “Why’s his front door open?”
Me:  “I don’t know Makenna.”
M:  Where do you think he could be?

You can see the pattern and annoyance coming over me.  I finally had to explain to her that I have no idea why they’d walk away and leave their door open, and not be home.  I tried to offer suggestions that maybe they are home and that he’s just doing homework and maybe he’s already in bed, like she should be.

Then came the realization.
M:   “Oh, he’s at hockey.  He told me he’d be at hockey tonight.” 
Me:  “He told you where he’d be tonight?”
M:  “Yeah, he said he had hockey practice, I forgot.”

Before I found out what else she knew, I decided it was time to go home and get her to bed.

Day 3 of this ridiculousness came to another new level.  Again, came home, asked to go to Cody’s, me using it as a tool of if she does good in piano we could go visit him.

After piano I put her in the car and she feels a little something on her face.

M:  “Mom, what is this?” (pointing to her chin)
Me:  “It looks like a pimple.”
M:  “A pimple?  How did I get a pimple”
Me:  “It’s just dirt and oil on your face and it created a pimple”
M:  “How do we get rid of it?”
Me:  “We just wash your face
M:  “Will it be gone then?
Me:  “It may take a day or so, but it will go away”
M:  “We have to wash it before we go to Cody’s house!”

At this point I’m thinking – Really?  Is this really happening to me now?  I’ve always joked about how she’s 5 in earth age but 15 mouth wise and this just proved it.  I looked up to the sky and muttered, “Lord, please let this be my teen years with her while I still have some control.”

We got home and Chris called to say his goodnights as he wouldn’t be home in time to put her to bed and I figured that she would just forget the whole washing of her face but she hurried her call to Chris, and immediately said we had to wash her face and get up to Cody’s.

Up we went and again, the “coolness” factor took over as she saw him riding his bike some more.  I on the other hand was not too impressed with his mother using a leaf blower to clean off their dirt driveway.

After some more agonizing minutes, and longer than on Monday, I finally got her to come back home.  As we started to walk away, she asked to pick up a stick.  I told her I didn’t care if she picked up a stick.  She found one and started writing in the newly blown dirt to the road, “M a” (so I thought she was going to write her name).  Then all of a sudden it changed to “I <3 “ and I thought – NO WAY!  You are not going to finish that.  So I said, “Makenna!  Let’s GO!”
Now I’m also praying for colder weather – something I didn’t think I’d do. 

Next day was Thursday – too busy to see Cody – thank goodness!

Friday – another day to visit Cody.  Up we go, me loathing the thought of what could happen next.  We get up there and his mom is now chasing a mouse out of her car.  Cody is riding his bike looking all “cool” and Makenna is off.  There’s no reigning her in.  She’s chasing him around and I’m standing there as uncomfortable as ever and stating how this is becoming a daily occurrence.

I finally convinced Makenna (probably with some type of threat) that it was time to go.  I do recall that her cousins were coming over so that maybe she should practice riding her bike too so that she could do it without training wheels.

Then it was the weekend and we ("I",) had a respite from going to see Cody.

The Lord then finally answered my prayers and the next week it was too cold to go for any sort of walk.  Who says God doesn’t answer prayers!

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