Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thinking Gum


Makenna has been getting an allowance for a while now and because I was behind on my payments (bad employer I am) I gave her a $10 bill to make up for all that I owed her.  Well, she immediately needed to go shopping, but being that it was a Sunday, we waited until the next day.  She informed me that she needed to go to the dollar store and by “thinking gum.”  I kept saying “Thinking gum?”  She said she’d show me.  So we got to the store and she picked out some orange Orbit gum and some Trident Bubble Gum.  She also felt the need to make a coloring book purchase and I finally stopped her there.

I tried to explain in my savvy Suzy Orman way that saving money was a good thing.  She wasn’t buying it...probably because it was free advice.

I should’ve asked if they had “listening gum” and “obeying gum”.  Maybe I found a new product to market!

The next day she insisted she had to buy more things and we went to Target, because I had to go there anyways, and I finally convinced her not to buy anything with her remaining $6.00  But it was a tough sell.

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