Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas 2012

Wouldn't it be great if I stayed caught up instead of waiting almost a whole year!  Well, not to be overrun by Christmas of 2013 - here -finally- are bits of Christmas 2012~

On the 22nd of Dec we had a family get-together as we knew (Chris & I,) that we would not be around after Christmas to hold a family gathering (More about that later!)
 I love seeing cousins hugging it out!
(Natalie & Eli)
(Abbie & Hannah)
Christmas Day:
As I mentioned above, Chris and I knew we wouldn't be available for any family gatherings after Christmas Day as we had planned a family vacation!  Not only that, but it was to start very early on Dec. 26th.  The trick was letting Makenna in on the plan on Christmas Day as a present from Mom & Dad.  So I decided on a treasure hunt of sorts.  With clues leading her to other clues in various rooms of the house.  Then at the end she had to open one last gift (that mysteriously appeared after all the other gifts had been opened) that clued her in on the surprise trip.
 You can see the excitement!~
Watch the Video and see if you get as excited!

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