Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disney 2012 - 2013

Expect a picture overload to occur for the next few posts.

Dec 26th:

After having a very slow start (Chris was not feeling well) we made it up to Syracuse VERY early in the a.m. even in the snow - which was chasing us all through our vacation from what we heard.  We kept just getting out prior to the snow storms - God was good to us!

Plus, we got through airport security fairly quickly as we were priority members so that helped in that we could cut out of long lines and not miss our flights.

We got into Florida and wondered why all the warmth left but it was still decent and the first thing we did was get on our Disney bus to the hotel.  We got our room and then headed out to Downtown Disney.  It was around 5pm or so, so we didn't want to go into a park and lots of people had said that we need to at least go to Downtown Disney.  Which is more shops then anything but we still found some fun.

 The Lego creations were pretty astounding!

 She was pretty bummed there were not many, if any, rides in Downtown Disney thus the "I'm so over this face."

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