Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Texas Day 4

On 4/15/14 we drove into Austin as that's where Jared, Jessica, and the kids live.  Eli was still in school so the rest of us went to a science center in the morning.  They had a lot of things for kids (and adults) to play with.  Then in the afternoon after Eli got out of school, we went to a Botanical Garden Place where they had little "fairy" homes that people built out of materials around the park - they were pretty cool.

This was pretty cool thing that you could make music with by putting your fingers over the water spouts.  I remember Makenna getting frustrated when other kids were coming around interrupting her "music"

These were some of the fairy houses that we saw around the botanical gardens (there's more below) - don't forget to "click" on the pictures to see bigger versions.

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