Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Texas Day 5 - Tower of the Americas

On 4/16/14 we got up and walked from our hotel to the Tower of the America's.  It's a 750 foot tall tower with an observation deck that let's you see the city of San Antonio from different views.  It was a bit windy on the observation deck - no surprise there.

We stopped at a lower level to get lunch.  This level allowed you to sit and it spun around as we ate so we could still see the views of San Antonio while we ate.

We then went to a children's museum where Makenna found the piano to play

and a pretend airplane so she could relive the joy of flying in a plane again (said sarcastically as the flight over she was complaining about her ears hurting - even after giving her gum to try and relieve the pressure).

For dinner we went back to the Riverwalk and found this Mexican restaurant which for $5.00 (I think it was that much) serenaded us with a song.  I have it on video somewhere - I'll have to see if I can find it and add it to this post.  I think we had them sing La Bamba.

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