Sunday, June 28, 2009


The bad thing now that I'm home is that I'm not keeping up with this blog as I did in England. So I end up missing out on writing about all of Makenna's advances in growing.

I realized the other day that she's really understanding concepts and we have two way conversations. Not always the way I want it to go but she's quick to pick up and figure things out. The other day we were eating at a restaurant and she took a napkin and was wiping the table saying, "I sweep up daddy's mess." I told her that was a good idea as daddy makes lots of messes.

She's also still on her chicken nugget kick so I've resorted to buying some healthier ones from Morning Star or any veggie type ones. She doesn't seem to know the difference. She does seem to also think she lives in a jail as she has been asking for bread and catch-chew (Ketchup). I figure, well it's simple and easy and if she will eat it (and it's whole wheat bread) why not?

I've taken her to a gymnastics class the last 3 Saturdays. It's really just at a gymnastics place and she can play and run around on the different equipment. It's just to get them used to the equipment so that when they're around 3.5 - 4 they can be taught and not be afraid of the equipment or be tempted to run off to see all the equipment as they know what's there. Two Saturday's ago, (only her second class) she received a medal and certificate. Chris didn't feel it was "deserved" but Makenna seemed to really enjoy her medal. In fact, I think she was expecting one this past Saturday. We hope to start this again in the Fall as it's done for the Summer.

I'm hoping to hear about swim classes for her for the Summer so that will take up some of her time. Plus I signed her up for a Bee-Boppin-Tots class on Tuesday nights where she can dance and sing and play with different toys. Whatever we can do to keep her active as if we're not going outside or going "bye-bye" she's leaving on her own accord. She can reach the front door lock and turn it and then open the door and leave. She has also now figured out how to open the back sliding glass door. So we're in BIG trouble. She also has now figured out that she can get herself out of bed without our help and even this morning, we woke up to someone poking Chris in the back, saying "Daddy."

She's starting to get more possessive "that's mine!, not yours!" That's a lot of fun. How do you explain that yes the shoe is "hers" but mommy & daddy paid for it, so it's not "fully yours?" She wants to still drive all the time. She actually wore Chris's battery down in his car as we didn't realize a light was on for over 24 hours. We had to go buy a new battery.

She's also unfortunately quite a klutz. I hope this is normal?! She has a bump on her head from tripping and falling into our deck railing. She has a scrape on her elbow from falling off a chair and scrapping it on the way down to the floor on the desk. She has a scrape, make that two scrapes on her one leg from falling in Jessica & Jared's driveway and then we went over to Josh & Autumn's and she fell there! Then today she tripped and fell again on that same leg and cut it open again on a rug. That doesn't even count all the falls and trips she's had without obvious cuts and bruises. I hope she grows out of this soon or she's going to look like a bruise from head to toe. What's worse is that she's mimicking me when she points them out as she says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." I usually tell her that I'm sorry she got hurt. I start to feel guilty with the intonation she uses.

Well, now that I catch-chew up on Makenna, a brief update on us. I'm back to work part-time at Catholic Charities again and Chris is back at his job. Our stuff from England arrived this past Thursday (June 25th) which was just over a month from when we shipped it. It arrived at a good time as we were able to open the boxes and then give them Jess & Jared so that they could use them to pack and move out the next day to their new home.

We still have to organize things and put things back to order from when they moved in and we moved things around but that can happen in time. We're also preparing to have our bathroom remodeled so that will be a lot of noise and mess coming up.

I'll have to get some pictures up soon. I should take some before and after pictures of our bathroom now that i think of it.

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