Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's Say Hello to Jesus

Tonight we went to the Vestal Parkway where their is a "Reflections of Christ" portrait and movie happening. When you first go in there is a picture of the Christos statue and someone gives a little blurb and then plays a short CD. Well, while we were sitting there, Makenna was saying, "See the picture of Jesus?" I said, "Yes, I see the picture of Jesus." She then said, "Let's go say hello!" I replied, "Let's!" She went up to the picture and was again how it was a picture of Jesus and then we said hello. I though tit was so cute.

We walked around and looked at the pictures that were hanging, of which two, I really wanted for our house. Well, then we went in and watched the DVD which was on how the photographer took the pictures and his inspiration for some of the shots. While we were in this room watching the movie, Makenna saw the part where Christ was on a rock in Gethsemane. When she saw it, she said, "Jesus is sleeping." How do you reply to that? I just said, "well, not quite."

The only downside is that she ended up having a really stinky diaper and with about 10 minutes left to the movie, I didn't want to leave. It stunk up the room and she kept saying, "You stinky? You need nappy changed?" Luckily the only other people in the room were two other girls from my church so they laughed at Makenna's antics.

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