Friday, April 9, 2010

Picture Update

It's just easier to make a separate post with pictures and brief explanations attached so here you go:

This is a ways back - Christmas time - with the Jones' clan

This was Makenna wearing mommy's boots (taken 1/10/2010) - Too cute not to post

Makenna loves making cards and birthday hats - this was a birthday "king" hat for daddy for his birthday

Snow, snow, snow, and yes....more snow! (this was taken on 2/25/2010)

Makenna wanted to really blow bubbles, even in the cold snow...and surprisingly, it worked...somewhat.

This picture was Makenna in a "snow fort" that we built on the back porch from all the snow that we received from the day before and this day (2/26/2010)

4/3/2010 - Taughannock Falls, Ithaca with Uncle Josh and Cousin Katie

And Daddy

Enjoying playing in the cold water!

4/4/2010 - Easter Morning - my cuddly little bunny

Excited about finding Easter Eggs

Looking for Easter Eggs at Grandma & Grandpa Jones

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