Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shoe Fettish

I keep telling myself I'm going to get better about blogging, meaning, more regular posts that will hopefully be shorter instead of once a month, long-winded, catch-up sessions. So in that vein, here's a short update from today.

Shopping is not something I like to do with Makenna and today was no exception. Namely, clothes or shoe shopping. Shoe shopping with her is especially painful. I still needed to get her some "summer shoes" and decided to inflict pain upon myself and take her with me. The good news...we got shoes. The bad was a fight and she tried on way too many shoes that are 10 sizes, at least, to big for her. I don't even know where she picked up a couple of the shoes as she would just walk off as I was trying to find a sales associate to see if they had a certain shoe in her size. Then as I went to pay, she was off again and I literally had to search every isle to find her and I found her with women's high heel shoes from who knows where.

We left there and I wanted to get her a new sun hat. We then walked to the next store, "Old Navy." Another fight ensued. She would not stay with me and I as I was looking for a sun-hat, she was off looking at more shoes. I relented and did actually find her another pair of summer shoes under $7.00 so I agreed, as long as she agreed to try on a couple of hats and a light summer jacket. We got through it without killing each other...barely.

On the way home from shopping she fell asleep. I put her up to bed for a nap, or so I thought. Shortly after, she came out of her room, I told her go back and go back to sleep. She came out again showing me her arms covered in lotion. I assumed, at first, incorrectly I might add, that she had gotten into her baby lotion. I soon realized that I had left the 50 plus, waterproof, sun-block in her room and that was the lotion she was referring to. Joy!

I ran upstairs and found it also on her pants and looked in her room and found it on the carpet as well. Now, I've always I guess you could say "prided" myself on the fact that my child had not done one of those "America's Funniest Videos" where you see the child covered in something and even though you're a bit jealous that they have a chance to win a lot of money, you're also more glad that you don't have that mess to clean up. Well, now I had that mess and no chance of winning money.

I futilely was trying to wash the sun-screen off her arms, applying layers and layers of soap trying to scrub it off. Let me tell you, that waterproof stuff really works. Then it was on to the carpet. I immediately used dish-soap and cold water and scrubbed. Then I left it in frustration and gave up on her napping. I went back up later and scrubbed again and applied Resolve. I think it worked. It's got a bit of a different color on the rug but not too bad. Luckily it's an old carpet so it's not too big of a deal.

One last question to put out there to other do yo get your child to stop repeating themselves once you've acknowledged their comment/request/question? Makenna is constantly saying the same thing over and over (and I'll stop with the "over's" but you get the idea). I try saying to her, "what did I already say?" Other times it's more like, "Makenna, ask me again and the answer is going to be no." Or, "Makenna, you're driving me insane, stop asking!" I've also said to her, "Makenna, I know, I got it, I understand, you're asking for.....(insert whatever it is,) now please stop asking." I know she's only 3 but it's ridiculous how many times she'll ask even after I've given her an answer at least 10 of those times. Please tell me this doesn't get worse! I already know the shopping, especially for shoes, is not going to get better.

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