Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not quite-id-ly

Well, here I am again attempting to be more up-to-date on my blog. I of course didn't keep as good of track of the goings on of Makenna as I should've so I know I'm missing a few things that were said.

A new one this week though was not quite-id-ly (not quite - id -lee) -or something sounding like that. When Chris was asking her something, which I now forget, her response was "not quite-id-ly. She repeated this a few times as we found it amusing. We tried telling her it that wasn't "quite-id-ly" a word.

She also came out of the blue yesterday and asked, "mom, did they have Halloween back in your day?" I think she saw something Halloween-like around the house which prompted the question but I was quite amazed that such a question came out of her mouth and then a bit offended that the implication was that I'm as old as a dinosaur.

The big issue for the week was yesterday when she decided she "didn't feel well" and was flat out refusing to go to the ECC (Early Childhood Center) - her pre-school. I don't know if it was because she realized that Chris and I were going to be home all day or what exactly prompted it, but I know she was okay health wise. After Chris tried to reason/argue with her we gave in and the stipulation was that if she stayed home, she was now choosing to not watch any T.V. , no movies, and she was not allowed to go outside for the day. She agreed.

She actually did fairly well and kept herself entertained by playing with toys, coloring, playing with play-doh, and laying in bed for a bit. Friday is my get my house cleaning and lesson for church done day so I was a bit frustrated that she was going to be under my feet but she did fairly well. I had to tell her to stop asking me questions while I was trying to get my lesson done but we got through it. We only relented to letting her go outside, in the rain, while Chris was cooking dinner on the grill.

When she did ask about watching a movie ("please, please, please, please, please") my adult answer to her was "remember how you said you weren't feeling well and couldn't go to pre-school and we agreed that there would be no movie watching due to your choice?" Her answer, "I'm feeling better." My reply, "I'm glad you're feeling better, the answer is still no." Her reply, "please, please, etc."

That's the other thing she's picked up now (and I think it was from a movie). She figures if one please gets her something, many will most definitely get her what she wants. I always tell her I appreciate her saying please, but that it doesn't change my answer. Unless I wimp out - which I occasionally do - but not often.

She also now shows me what she wants for dinner by opening up the freezer and bringing it to me. She will also say, "Here, let me show you." Her other new saying is "10 minutes." Everything is based on ten minutes. "I need to sleep for 10 minutes." "I need a drink for 10 minutes." "Mom, I'll show you for 10 minutes." Hmm, no idea where she got that from....not quite-id-ly.

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