Friday, July 30, 2010

Better Day

Today was a much better day.  Thank goodness!  She took a nap at preschool which made the rest of the day/night go so much better.  She enjoyed spending time with her grandma and grandpa Jones while Chris and I went out to dinner with friends for July birthdays.  It was nice to enjoy some adult time and laughs with old friends.

I hope that tomorrow goes just as well as Chris is having a night out with friends but I have to get up early for a lake association meeting so I came home to get Makenna into bed--and myself to bed--soon.  This means whether he likes it or not and no matter how tired he is - he's in charge of her for the morning.

Considering we'll be at the cottage, means she most likely won't have a nap so that will be another test of our parenting skills and our patience.  It still makes me very leery about this Fall when her school schedule will change.

Well, short and sweet, just like my little one today.  Days like today, where you get the response of "okay mommy" in a happy cheery compliant voice and the "I love you mommy with a kiss" makes parenting worth while.  It's those moments you have to hold on to, to help you through the days like yesterday.  Now if I can only remember that next time.

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