Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Summer, so far, in Pictures

I don’t feel too bad about not blogging as often as I wish I did as there are other’s on my “favorites” sidebar that don’t either. So I must enjoy a group of slackers as my friends or they, like me, are all too consumed with facebook and their families to be blogging all the time.

But alas, I give excuses. So here are some pictures to update you on what we’ve been up to:

Makenna had an end of year picnic at pre-school on May 28th, where she also worked on some of her picture taking skills

This is what you risk when you don't want to do the blog - an unflattering picture of you might make it on the post!

You can see that Makenna got better with her centering skills

Later that day, she helped daddy with planting some flowers

Chris’s church had another health fair day on June 5th, where Makenna got to ride the pony again, see our local baseball team’s mascot, and also got her face painted for the first time:

It's a dinosaur - in case you were wondering

On June 19th, we went up to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse for the yearly zoo day with CNY Fertility Clinic.

Just like at the RI Zoo back in May, we had a hard time getting her to leave the penguin display.  Maybe I have the makings of a Marine Biologist

This Lion is really behind her - not just a picture that she's sitting in front of (obviously it's behind safety glass)

She can hate me later in life for posting this - too cute not to!

No matter how hard Chris tried he just could not line up the lion and Makenna in one frame

A guy outside the zoo was creating these huge bubbles with some sticks and a rope (and soap) and the kids would just chase them to try and pop them and Makenna enjoyed joining in.

On June 26th, some of my friends from college met at one of their houses and we enjoyed catching up and see all the kids. What was even funnier was to see some of the pictures that Noreena brought up from our college days.
Makenna’s going to be like her mommy – hangin’ with the boys!

Noreena, Duane, and their sons Jake and Hunter

Ronda, Frank, and their kids, Amanda, Kayla, Emily, Grace and Daniel (who are twins and one week older than Makenna)

Noreena, Ronda, Me, Dorothy, and Vicki

I some how don’t have pictures of Dorothy’s family or Vicki’s family and the one of all of us with our spouses came out too dark unfortunately. You can tell that we were all looking at different cameras to get our pictures taken though.

The week of July 4th Chris and I took off time from work and spent it up at our family cottage. It was a great week to go as it was so darn hot! We enjoyed lots and lots of swimming and Makenna got to fish with her daddy and even caught a couple.

Showing daddy and Uncle Rich how to steer the paddle boat

On July 6th we went out to dinner for “Uncle Lori’s” (as Makenna would say,) birthday

Showing us her "boo-boo" for the millionth' time (and yes, I know you can't really see it but Makenna says it's there and it hurts)

More practice at picture taking by Makenna - she's getting pretty good!

She took this one too

and one to show the pizza still left on her plate

This was across from the restaurant in Oxford, NY

On July 9th, Makenna saw me vacuuming and immediately went on the stairs and said, “Don’t vacuum the stairs, don’t vacuum the stairs.” I told her I wouldn’t and then part way through she asked to have a turn. I told her sure, but that she had to put on some shoes – so she went and put on her rain boots.

And of course on many days, we’ve had swimming – as much as we can get in, anywhere!

At the lake on 5/29 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Jumping in the Lake on June 19th

On Father's Day, June 20th at Cole Park

Plus more days since then! She’s still in swim lessons and doing very well and I decided to buy her some swim “gobbles” as she calls them. She liked them so much that she wore them right away at home, while watching tv.  She got a chance last weekend, (July 17th,) to try them in the water up at the lake.

Then this past Tuesday on July 20th, Makenna decided to try out her "bicycleble" and is starting to get the hang of it.  It seems if i give her a little push then she can get it going but doesn't quite yet have the leg strength to do it on her own.

So you can see, we've been quite busy enjoying ourselves and hopefully will have lots more adventures before the Summer is through.

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