Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh For My Goodness

Here we go – two days in a row blogging – so far so good with my new resolution.

I knew there were a few new things that I had forgotten that Makenna has been up to with her ever expanding vocabulary and statements. I had found one that I wrote down back on May 22nd—I had told her that she would have to go to bed after watching a short movie and her response to me was, “Are you crazy?”

Another thing I found was a note about how she was getting more into taking care of her baby dolls. One is called “baby boy” and the other is “baby bagel” – I have no idea why. But she wants to undress them and with one, she even had to change its poopy diaper. Unfortunately, for me, this baby then decided to pee right after she had a new clean diaper on, according to Makenna. She typically was putting on pull-ups but it’s not an easy task as we have to completely undress them and put on this thing that’s too big, and then try and get the clothes back on over it.

The past couple of days have brought about a new expression of exasperation – “Oh for my goodness.” For instance, I forgot to get her hat out of her cubby as we were leaving her pre-school. I mentioned it, and as we were walking back to get it she said, “Oh for my goodness.” I think this is a mix of “for goodness sake” coming out with a new twist. Either way, it’s pretty funny to hear her say it in a voice of disdain.

Chris bought a new booster seat for her as she’s getting too big for the 5-point harness car seat. On a side note – back in June at Chris’s Church health fair expo – we had a child safety card done for her and she was 3.5 feet tall and 42 lbs. So we knew she was big enough for a booster seat.  I said to myself, if she grows as tall as her age I'm in big trouble!

We put it in and every day she’s asking us why she needs a new car seat (refer to yesterday’s blog about asking things repeatedly and it driving me crazy!). She has realized that with this new car seat, she has a lot more freedom to move around. So much so that she can pick things up that she has dropped. The bad thing is she’s also figured out how to get the arm strap off and then she’s left with just the lap belt holding her in which is very disconcerting. I rather enjoyed the 5-point harness seat which gave me a sense of security.  This is just too "loose" in a sense to me.

I also found out that she doesn’t like me going around curves with the car as I hear her yelling from the backseat yesterday, “Mommy, slow down! You’re making me twisty.” I tried to explain to her I have no control of how people built the roads and I have to follow the path laid out for me – This answer was not acceptable. We had to go down this same road again later, and I was again yelled at from the back seat.

All was forgiven though as she made me a really nice card for my birthday with lots of faces. This is another thing she’s been doing for a couple of weeks is drawing her version of a face. It usually looks like an odd circle with two other odd circles in the middle somewhere and then a line which looks like a uni-brow furrowing. Then she turns it upside down and it’s now a mouth. It’s interesting to see what kids see as important as they learn to draw people.

Plus, she repeatedly told me all day long, “Happy birthday mom,” which I found really endearing. Makes those moments insanity of never ending questions go out the window for a sincere “Happy Birthday Mom.”


  1. There are five point harness booster seats. My six year old nephew has one.


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