Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On Saturday we colored Easter eggs which she enjoyed doing. I don't think she remembers doing this last year (and yes I know the date is wrong on the pictures...I have to figure out how to turn that off).

When we were done, I tried to tell her that if the Easter bunny liked her colored eggs then he'd leave her eggs filled with candy and other surprises. Then I guess i pushed it too far as i went on to tell her that if he REALLY liked her eggs then he'd leave her a basket filled with stuff. Her reply was, "What?!?" The kind of of "what" that's stated with skepticism. It was so funny to hear her say "what" as if I was feeding her a line of rubbish. I laughed and said, "You don't believe me?"

The next day she came down and was excited to see eggs strewn all over the living and dining room. I think I have to cut down on the number of eggs (52) as it's way too much candy and Chris doesn't really hide them as there's too many. She practically just has to walk around and pick them up from obvious spots.

Plus, she seemed to like finding the eggs more than what is inside them. When she got to her grandparents, she only had 13 eggs to find and she kept wanting people to hide them so that she could find them again. It was just to bad that she had to do her hunt for eggs inside as it was a rainy day but she seemed to enjoy it just the same.

I hope that next year I'll take her to an actual Easter egg hunt done by someone else in the community. I'm also thinking of doing a treasure hunt for her basket next year. I figure she'll be reading to some extent and that I can put clues in some of the eggs to find her basket. Chris says that's "my department"...translation...it is up to me to do it...hopefully I'll remember.

I should've taken a picture of her with her basket which was filled with three movies ("Alice in Wonderland," "Bambi," and "Snow White") along with a Wii dance game, coloring stuff, and stickers. She makes out like a bandit on these holidays. The only thing I didn't do was get her an Easter dress this year as this one still fit from last year, surprisingly.

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