Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sleeping Alone

It's been a "slow" week so to say - as slow as it can be for a four year old with no school due to Spring Break. I don't understand why kids have break early but someone told me that they don't want to have it around Easter any more (they meaning the schools,) as it promotes a religious holiday. My reply was, "What's Christmas to them then?" They still get a break then.

What it means to me, regardless of when it is, is that I have to find day-care. Luckily, I have family that pitches in and I so appreciate it. Since Chris is still sick, he took Monday off and stayed home with Makenna. Then on Tuesday she went over to her Uncle Josh's and Aunt Autumn's and got to play with Katie and Natalie. Then to her grandparents for a couple of days.

I think it's going to be hard to get her to go back to school after all this. At least weather wise it's been nice so she was able to go to the park on Monday for a while.

Back to Chris....I guess he has some viral infection and finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctor's to get something. What it's meant to me is sleep! I've said before that I never knew what a light sleeper I was until I got married and had to sleep next to someone. When most spouses go away on trips and their wives wonder how they're going to be able to sleep without their protector, I'm relishing and planning my night of how I'll be able to sleep (unless Makenna decides to get up multiple times).

Last Friday, Makenna got to go to her grandparents for a sleep-over as Chris and I had tickets to see The Machine with the Binghamton Philharmonic. I enjoyed it thoroughly but Chris was in pain from having a migraine and being up close to a laser show and loud noise did not help.

When we got home he tried to fall asleep but just was coughing up a lung and got up and slept out in the recliner. I actually slept-in...the first time in probably four years. Sleeping in means past 6am for me. I think I got up close to 8am.

Then the next night he slept out in the recliner again and since then in the spare bedroom. He did try coming back to sleep in our bedroom one day and he would snore than wake up coughing, then fall back to sleep snoring, then coughing and this cycle continued for about a half hour. The whole time I was contemplating if smothering him with a pillow could be considered an insanity plea due to lack of sleep?

But he finally got up on his own and went back to the other bedroom and it's been wonderful. I'm almost not looking forward to him coming back as I know that means fitful nights for me. So as bad as I feel for him being sick....I love my opportunity to sleep! I've actually felt quite refreshed this past week.

So if you see me and I'm looking cranky and tired, you'll know why.

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