Wednesday, June 22, 2011


‘Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful….” (Stevie Wonder)

This is what goes through my head initially when I hear the word lovely. But at some point, the word which would indicate an admiration of something beautiful to look at turns to a word of frustration and disgust – as it has done in our household.

The funny thing is that I didn’t realize it until Makenna started saying it this past week when she dropped food on to herself. I kind of stopped, said, “Did you just say lovely?” She replied she did and then asked why I asked. I just said, “I thought it was funny how you said it, that’s all.”

Then the next day, a marker and/or a crayon hit the floor from a major coloring project of hers, and again, a sigh of frustration and the word, “lovely,” as she bent down to pick it up. This has happened a few more times at least and although I laugh at her using the word in such a manner, I have no one to blame but myself…again.

It got me thinking about what other words have their meaning skewed into some sort of derogatory diatribe to where when you use it, you no longer have the beauty of the word but the ugly end of it. Another one I know I’m guilty of is using “Joy” as a way of being sarcastic when someone or something does not sit with me well.

I wonder if someone commented to Makenna that she looked lovely, if she would be offended. Oh Joy, I have yet again tainted my daughter with my wayward words.

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